Persuasive Writing Secrets for Writers at All Levels


My New Course Gives You a Unique Combination of Proven Persuasive Writing Secrets & Simple Templates You Can Use Today

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Hello Fellow Writer, 

If you write faster and more persuasively, you’ll make more money... and have more time to enjoy that money (that’s a key thing, I think)...


Do you like writer’s block? 

(How many times have I sat for hours, staring at my screen?! Maddening!)

How about that wonderful feeling of uncertainty… that lovely little nagging voice inside of you whispering, “That writing stinks. It’s not nearly good enough. Are you sure you want to be a writer for living?” 

(I’ve heard it, too… we all have… but it’s a lie!) 

Or do you like taking a zillion years on a single project? 

Once, a student of mine, John G., had an email assignment that took him 20 hours… and he made a cool $10/hour. 


Hard to buy a great lifestyle with that kind of money, right? 

 Let me say it again… 

If you write faster and more persuasively, you’ll make more money and have more time to enjoy that money.


 I LOVE writing fast… but only if it cranks out amazing results. 

It’s lame when you put time and heart into a piece...only to see your results flop around like a fish wacked on the head. 

So, I created a new course for you called, “Persuasive Writing Secrets”. 

I think one of the best moves you could make right now, today is to boost your ability to write faster and more persuasively. That’s why I’m inviting you to take this course. I’m sure it will help you. 

Inside the course, I answer these two major questions... 

First, what key secrets do you need to know about persuading human beings to take action? 

Second, what proven, simple, easy templates can I give you to help you write faster? 

If you boost your skills… and use proven templates… then you can crank out great, persuasive copy faster than ever. 

You’ll make more money in less time. 

And that’s what this is all about!


I’ve used these secrets for years to build my writing business. 

I used this to create a $24.1 million campaign for Corel… and raised millions for St. Jude’s Children's Research Hospital… and helped bump one client from $32,000 a month to over $250,000 a month in sales. 

Most people think that super persuasive writing is complicated and takes years to learn. 

But, the reality is this: 

When you understand the 5 simple truths about human nature that I give you… and have a handful of writing templates (which I’ll also give you)… persuasive writing really isn’t that hard. 

You can learn it today, use it today and see results instantly.

I love that part…


You get instant results, whether you’re looking to land more clients or write amazing copy for those clients… the principles and templates work! 

See what some of my other students have said…

“A Great Program”

“I wanted to let you all know what a tremendous job you’re doing and to thank you for such a great program. I feel like I’m in a bubble of love.”
- Stephanie McKay 


“Beyond What I Expected”

“I was the one who asked how to make more time with single motherhood and this new profession. You gave me today and continue to give beyond what I expected out of this class. Your enthusiasm about this lifestyle is addicting and I can’t wait to see it for myself. 


Anyway, I just wanted to send a quick ‘Thank You’ for all that  you’re doing for us. You have been an amazing Coach.”
- Brittany Lowseth


“Something I Can Be Proud Of” 

“Joshua's course has been instrumental in getting my copywriting business off the ground and running. I now have 3 clients and counting.... Thank you Joshua, you continue to inspire and motivate me to make my copywriting something I can be proud of.”
-Dr. Eric Buensuceso


“None Compare!”

Thanks so much for the over-the-top phenomenal course.


Through the years I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at continuing education conferences. Yet never before have I walked away feeling so empowered...and so equipped with practical, how-to steps...


I must say, too, that while I have participated in many of the bigger courses by the "masters" of copywriting, none compare. Not only have I learned invaluable information from your course, but also I left with a refreshing sense that you are a man of integrity. Thanks again!
-Ruth Hoover, M


Inside this course, you will discover:

  • The 5 Step Formula to Banish Writer’s Block

    Hey, let’s face it, you can’t write persuasively if you sit and stare at a blank screen for hours on end, right? LOL NOPE! You gotta get writing. I show you exactly how to write fast and persuasively every time… even when you don’t feel in “the zone” or like you’ve got the “flow”. 

  • The Two Types of Headlines

    Did you know there are really only two major types of headlines. You’ll discover exactly what those are and how to use them. Plus, I give you a simple framework for deciding which to use. Never wonder what the best headline framework is again for your audience and objectives. 

  • Power Storytelling

    If you only master one persuasive writing skill, it MUST be storytelling. Nothing else is more powerful at emotionally connecting with people and moving them to action. I give you a Master Story Framework that taps deep into human nature… plus 3 story archetypes that are extremely persuasive. You will know what story is best for your audience, especially when it comes to B2B and direct response. 

  • Trust is the #1 Selling Emotion

    But what actually creates the emotion of trust? How can you get your reader to trust you and desire to follow you within the first few sentences? I demystify trust for you and give you a simple, sure-fire way of building trust instantly. 

  • How to Boost Personal Confidence…

    Confidence is key to writing great copy. You have to believe in yourself and what you’re doing. But how do you get “confident”? I show you that its not all about “fake it ‘till you make it” and “just work harder/longer”... I’ll show you what to do instead. This has changed my life and I think it will help you, too. 

  • The Idea of “Closing” is ALL WRONG...

    There is a much better way to ramp up response, crank our sales, and win customers. I give you a simple, step-by-step roadmap for inspiring people to take action, no matter what you’re selling. This formula has proven effective with Google, Agora, and my friends local retail shop. It just works… and you’re about to have the full system! 

  • Know FOR SURE that Your Writing is Good Enough

    When is your writing “good enough”? I developed a simple S.A.U.C.E. model for scoring your copy so you don’t have to wonder anymore. 

  • Templates for the Most Common Copy

    I love templates! I love frameworks! They make writing fast and effective. Inside I give you specific templates for writing ads, video scripts, emails, sales letters, articles, podcasts, and compelling social content. Combine the persuasion secrets with the templates and your results can instantly improve. You’ll love this! 


I always wonder, “What exactly will I get and how does that show up…”. So here’s what you get, in terms of actual deliverables: 

  • 8 Core Video Modules

    Packed with simple, in-depth training on persuasive writing designed to help you write faster and more persuasively.

  • Modules 1-4

    Focus on “5 Winning Writing Principles”, including, Headlines, Storytelling, Trust, Voice, and Closing. ($635 value!)

  • Modules 5-8

    Focus on “4 Never-Fail Templates”, simple templates you can use for quick writing and huge results. This includes, Ads, Daily Content, Sales Letters, Emails. ($388 value!)

  • 3-8 Training Videos Per Module

    Simple, focused, actionable so you can get results immediately, applying small, high- leverage techniques. ($1,200 value!)

  • Everything You Need

    All the tools, templates, and resources needed to complete each assignment and simplify your writing. ($197 value!)


I’m not ashamed to pour out my heart to you and encourage you to join this course. 


I know what it's like to struggle to write great copy… I know what it is like to wonder if your writing is good enough… I know what it is like to face frustrating results and lackluster profits. 


I also know that so many of those problems are solved when you have a clear process for writing persuasively and quickly. 


I totally believe this program will help you get better results. 


The first writing program I bought cost me $497… and that was 15 years ago. The second copywriting training program I bought cost me over $3,500. 


I kept trying to learn because, well, frankly, my writing wasn’t cutting it… 


At one point, I had an opportunity to do a project with one of the top copywriters in the world, Clayton Makepeace. We mapped out the big idea, the structure of the projects and all the deliverables. I just had to stitch it together. 

I worked like crazy on that project. I put my best efforts into it. 

Clayton was really nice about it, but the fact is he had to reject my copy three different times. Finally, he passed me off to another writer to try and fix the project. 

I was embarrassed and frustrated. 

I vowed to strengthen my skills so that never happened again. That was the beginning of my discovering the secrets I’m giving you in this new course, Persuasive Writing Secrets. 

I realized that it wasn’t enough to just know a few tricks and hacks and techniques, I had to really come to understand human nature and what persuades people to do things. 

Do you want to be a serious writer and really have the power to move people to action? Then I can tell you a few tricks won’t cut it. 

But crawling beneath the hood of the human mind can be super complicated, right!? 


That is why in this program, I simplify it all down for you. I give you insights on what to focus on and what really moves the needle… without making it so stupid simple that it loses its power (or insults your intelligence!). 

Persuasive Writing Secrets normally sells for $3,997 because of all the training, resources and results my other students have seen. Plus, I’ve personally spent over $100,000 on training, coaching and mastermind groups to learn this stuff! 

Right now with this limited offer, I give you instant access to the entire course at over 50% off because I want you to gain the confidence that comes from boosting your persuasion powers. I want you to enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams as a writer, just like I get to do each day.

That means that instead of paying $3,997, your investment is just $497… and, if it’ll help, I offer a simple payment plan as well.

All told, the base program is valued at over $4,223 (but keep reading, because I have more resources for you...) 

Get started right now by clicking on this button:


And remember, you have 30 days to review the entire program. If you don’t like it, you can always get a refund. But you’re going to love it just like my other students have. Here are a few more comments from your peers… 


“Joshua Gave Me Clarity”

“I felt lost about what to do with my copywriting business. Joshua gave me clarity…he outlined and explained the framework of success. I now have the big picture understanding of how to move my copywriting business forward.”

-Yolanda Allen


“A Well-Managed Life of Quality”

Joshua’s millionaire strategies catapulted us leaps and bounds towards the writer’s life. I call it Millionaire Mileage.  It's not just about copy and money. It's about a well-managed life of quality.

-Jennifer Cronnin

“Powerful, Thoughtful, Caring”

Thank you so much for such a powerful, thoughtful, caring experience. You not only were totally prepared with exactly what we needed for the training, but you were creative, patient, and insightful.... Thank you for your support.

-Deborah Owen


As soon you’re registered, you will get a welcome email that gives you instant access. 


Each week, you will get a couple of emails from me. These are important because they fill you in on new insights, strategies and bonus surprises that I don’t tell you about (these are fun!). 


You’ll be part of a community committed to being more persuasive and faster at writing so they can realize their dream lifestyle. 


I know you want that… so let’s begin. 


Click on the link below, complete the registration page and get instant access. This offer expires when the clock hits zero, so you need to act soon to avoid missing out on the bonuses and paying full price.


    Speaking of bonuses, let me tell you about three special gifts I’m giving you as part of this promotional offer. 


    When you register today for Persuasive Writing Secrets, I also give you instant access to… 

    • Bonus 1: Content Calendar Tool & Headline Library!

      Map out your content writing and publishing to be more consistent and effective. Plus more than 300 proven, winning headline ideas and templates. ($98 value!)

    • Bonus 2: Live Coaching Archive!

      During the charter run of this program, I provided 4 live training sessions. I recorded each one. I give you full access to these training videos. ($1,000 value!)

    • Bonus 3: The Charisma Code Course!

      The 3-part secret strategy to instantly win trust and be confident in any situation. ($399 value)

    The bonuses are valued at $1,497… when combined with the core course value of $4,223, I’m giving you $5,720 in value… for just $497. 


    But this offer expires soon… and when it does, the prices goes back up and the bonuses go away.


    I want you to imagine for a minute what it means to you to be a more confident, persuasive, effective writer. 


    Feels. So. Good. Right?! 


    What if your new writing skills brought you in just one new client within the next 90 days - something that happens to my students all the time. 


    That could be worth thousands or tens of thousands, right? 


    And what if you never had to face writer’s block again… 


    Or what if you remove that uncomfortable, uncertain feeling of wondering if your writing is good enough? 


    Or what if, WHAT IF… you crushed that next campaign, wowed that next client, or exploded your own business efforts. 


    I know that I once did a project with a client that cost me about a week’s worth of effort, but made me more money that I used to make in a whole year. Why? Because the copy was so persuasive tens of thousands of people took up our offer. 


    I can’t guarantee you any kind of results like this, but my students and I have had these kinds of things happen… what if it was happening to you all the time? Would it be worth your investment in this program? 


    If you think the answer is yes, then get registered right now. Let’s begin giving you the skills you need to make it happen, ok? 


    Click on this link now and let’s begin…

    To Your Best Life, 




    PS If you still have questions, maybe this will help: 


    Q: How will this help me build my writing business, land better clients and live my dream lifestyle? 


    A: Persuasive writing is THE essential skill you need to win. Every good thing in life comes after you persuade other people to believe in you, follow you, hire you and buy from you. 


    Unlike other courses, I don’t just give you a few tips and tricks… instead, I take you deep inside human motivations and help you understand why people make decisions. I show you 5 of the most valuable writing skills so you don’t waste your time learning a bunch of techniques that won’t do you any good. 


    Q: What can I expect to learn inside the Persuasive Writing Secrets Course? 


    A: First, you won’t find a lot of time-wasting dribble. So many courses spend the first 25% of the time promoting the course you already bought… or worse, trying to set you up to buy something else. 


    None of that here. Instead, we get right into the program. I unlock secrets for writing headlines, telling stories, building trust, emotionally connecting and leading people to take action. These are the fundamentals of highly persuasive copy. I will help you master each one.


    Q: How much time will I need to invest to really make this valuable to me? 


    A: I designed each module to be completed within about a week period. Some people do it faster, others slower. Depends on your speed and what you have going on in life. Each module has between 3 and 8 training videos, with each video lastering between 9 and 27 minutes. 


    But there is no rush… you have lifetime access to all of the training videos and resources in the program. 


    Q: I’m a new writer (or I’m a seasoned writer). Will this be valuable for me? 


    A: Yes! No matter what writing level you’re at, this will help you move up a notch. I give you a much deeper look at human persuasion than any other course I’ve seen… yet in a simple, easy to learn and use way that even the newest beginner can implement. Of course my program has a generous guarantee, so if you don’t think it's right for you, you’re protected. 


    Q: What is the Guarantee? 


    A: You have 30 days to fully implement the program. If you don’t love it, we’ll gladly give you a refund and turn off access to your program. So, there’s no risk… but the risk is pretty small on my part as well, since our students rave about this course. It has been truly life changing… and I think it can do the same for you. 

    Iron-Clad, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    If You Don't Love It, It's FREE!

    If, within 30 days of purchase, Persuasive Writing Secrets doesn't help me discover the top secrets to writing faster and more persuasively...if it doesn't help me to boost my persuasion powers meanwhile, teaching me how to make more money...then I will receive a full refund. No questions asked!


    Founder, Copywriter Marketer

    System Used by Over 8,731 Fellow Writers and Marketers!
    Get Results Faster. Keep More Profits.

    Yes! Joshua, I’m ready to get transform my writing so I can get results faster for myself and my clients. I understand that inside your “Simple Persuasive Writing Secrets” program, I’ll receive...

    • The 5 Step Formula to Banish Writer’s Block so I can always be at my best.

    • The Two Types of Headlines Framework to make headlines persuasive and appropriate.

    • Power Storytelling, including 3 of the most persuasive story archetypes.

    • Trust is the #1 Selling Emotion and this model shows me how to build instant trust in writing.

    • How to Boost Personal Confidence so I never have to wonder if I’m good enough again.

    • Templates for the Most Common Copy… Ads, headlines, sales letters, daily compelling content… it's all there! 

    • 8 Core Modules, with 3-7 in-depth training videos in each module, plus all needed tools and resources

    **Total Program Value: $4,223**

    Plus, Three Great Bonuses...

    • Bonus 1: Content Calendar Tool & Headline Library! Map our your content writing and publishing to be more consistent and effective. Plus more than 300 proven, winning headline ideas and templates. ($98 value!)

    • Bonus 2: Live Coaching Archive! During the charter run of this program, I provided 4 live training sessions. I recorded each one. I give you full access to these training videos. ($1,000 value!)

    • Bonus 3: The Charisma Code Course! The 3-part secret strategy to instantly win trust and be confident in any situation. ($399 value)

    **Total Program Value w/Bonuses: $5,720**​

    TODAY ONLY: $497!!

    • Hi Joshua, Success Story: Hired by Agora to oversee writing for their latest publication. This is absolutely a dream come true for me.

      Jake Hoffberg, The Sales Alchemist

    • I’ve really enjoyed the experience of working with you – especially the high quality of writing.

      Bernie Schroeder, Corel Corporation

    • Hi Joshua! Your program is so awesome! I changed up my agency content and marketing to reflect your "packaging" and I am swamped.

      Monica Coleman, Inside Capitol Hill, Inc