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“If I started from zero today, during the pandemic and times of political turmoil, this is exactly what I would do for the next 30 days to make money as a copywriter."

From the desk of Joshua Boswell:


Hello Fellow Copywriter, 


I slammed the letter down on my little desk hard enough to make my fist hurt. 


Something in the back of my brain said, “Ooooh, that really hurt! I think you might have broken something. Not too smart for a copywriter who makes his living with his hands.” 


I ignored that and spun around to kick my chair. 


It sailed across the room and bounced off the wall, making a sharp metallic crack as the casters hit the floorboard heater. 


The old house used to be a convent for nuns. About 30 years before we moved in, they picked up the whole house and moved it from the east side of Helena, MT to the little, tiny mountain village of Clancy. 


My wife Margie and I lived in it now… but far from being nuns, we had 5 children with one on the way. 


I reached over to the letter that I had attempted to smash into oblivion and read the top line again, 




It had been almost exactly 8 months since I heard about copywriting… and almost exactly a year since my last company went belly up leaving me with $200,000 in personal debt. 


Since then I had been fighting for my life… everyday was a question mark. 


Like this… 


“I’m going to the store. Can I buy one loaf of bread for the children… or two?” 


Margie was very good at asking me those kinds of questions and dealt with me lovingly and patiently, but it really hurt. 

What Dreams Are You Still Working On?

Since I was 11 years old, my only dream was to be a hero to my wife and children. It was when I was 11 that my daddy abandoned our family, leaving my mother, Kristine, with 6 children to feed and clothe and house. 


She did her best, but money was always tight… and of course dad was never there to play ball, go fishing, wrestle or attend my football games. 


And I really wanted a daddy to be around and do those things. 


So, I vowed that one day I’d get married to the best woman in the universe and then treat her like she was. We would have a dozen or so children and I’d make a ton of money working from home. 


For 10 years, I tried everything I knew how to do… Amway… website development… banking… public speaking… politics… chain letters… yep, did them all. 


None of them worked for me and got me further and further in debt. 


Can you relate to this? 


Do you have an unfulfilled dream… despite your best efforts? 


Then you know that smothering, terrible, terrifying feeling of always reaching but never grasping. 

"Retire This Year"... What's That All About??

Then, in 2005, I got a letter in the mail telling me I could retire that year and make more than most doctors by writing simple letters. 


They called it “copywriting”, something I’d never heard of before. 


But I jumped all in. I borrowed $5,000 from Margie’s dad, Lyneer, and bought the course and went to an event… and then I got to work. 


I mailed out letters… made thousands of cold calls… went to dozens of meetings…


I tried EVERYTHING I could. The wolves were at the door and I needed the cash NOW. 


But nothing worked so far. 


And here I was, just a few weeks before Christmas, facing an electricity disconnect notice, with a Montana winter raging outside pushing temperatures well below zero.


And you know what?! 


Frostbite wasn’t a great idea for my 5 little children and sweet wife!!! 


So, if I was a little dramatic and a bit frustrated at not being able to pay a $157.32 electric bill, then you’ll please forgive me! 


I wish I could tell you that I figured it out and miraculously got the electric bill paid… and could tell my wife to buy 5 loaves of bread… and put a great Christmas under the tree… 


But none of that happened - at least not with money I made. 


(We did get food and power and a Christmas, but as charity from others… that’s another super-sweet, heart-warming story for another day!) 


At least it didn’t happen that December.

I Have 3 Passions... You'll Love #3 :) 

Why am I telling you all of this? 


Because, my friend, I want you to know that copywriting is serious business to me. 


When I put words to paper it is for my wife and children, for our hopes and our dreams, for our future. 


It’s not a hobby or something I hope will work. 


It is… and has been since day one… the real deal for me. 


Plus, I want you to know that I know how to pull myself out of the swamp and muck and mess of failed dreams and financial disaster… and WIN! 


Hey, I hope you’re not in this kind of mess. 


But, I bet you’re reading this because, at one level or another, you want to change something in your life.




You have unfulfilled dreams, financial goals, and an itch to see your writing change the world, even if it is in some small way. 




Ok, so let’s be clear with each other… those dreams, goals, and aspirations are serious stuff. 


That’s the real deal for you and I respect that. 


So, I’m not going to mess around with you and sell you lame ideas or unproven systems or stuff that I once read about. 


I’m here to help you achieve those dreams and goals using copywriting as the machine to get it done. 


We still on the same page? 




Cool! ​

The Trick Of Turning Writing Skills Into Lifestyle

Let’s talk about how to make this happen… and by “this” I mean how to take your natural writing skills (even if those skills are untrained and raw!) and turn them into a safe, secure, consistent income. 


Actually… scratch that… 


Not just an income… 


Let’s talk about how to create a stable, incredible lifestyle. 


Do you want to work all day for dollars and never have time to enjoy them? 




Me neither. 


That’s lame… don’t do that. ​

How To Go From Zero To $$ In 30 Days (Or Less)

Because I want to help you make money as fast as possible and begin living your dream lifestyle in safe, secure ways, I’m going to answer this question for you… 

“If I had to start from zero, with nothing but a laptop and an internet connection, how would I safely launch a freelance copywriting business… AND… make money doing it in the next 30 days or less?” 

Yes, it is possible. 


I have often challenged myself and other brand new writers to land clients in a week or less. 


And you know what? It never fails. Someone always does it. 


So, yes it is possible. 


How can that be? 


I’ll tell you the three steps that make it possible… 


But first you should know that my system hasn’t just worked for me. 


Ha! Far from it! 


I have a document with over 65 pages of testimonials… all single spaced… all unsolicited. ​

65 Pages Of Testimonials Telling You This WORKS!

Here’s just some of them… ​

"Joshua Boswell is an amazing copywriting success - and mentor and coach. His advice helped land a client I've worked with over a year now, with more work coming.


His example includes the ability to focus on what matters most. He has mastered the tools, style and techniques that make for great direct response writing. He cares about the success of others. He simply understands and is able to communicate what brought him - and can bring anyone - success."


~ David Higbee, Logan, UT

Here’s another… ​

"Joshua, thank you SO MUCH for giving me the inside scoop on how you've boosted your business and income over the last few months.


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your powerful, upbeat motivation! You inspire me to just do it instead of only trying the 'slow path.' I also enjoyed getting your insights on positioning yourself as a hero and asking for higher pay from the very start. I'm just

about to launch, and I feel comfortable about it thanks to your example and can-do attitude."


~ Pam Foster | Senior Copywriter, Web Content Optimization Consultant | ContentClear Marketing

One more just for fun… ​

"Your program is doing a great job of erasing all of the "white noise" and offering those of us who are new to copywriting very real, implementable information and direction that we can act on immediately. The information you have shared to date is absolutely invaluable to a new copywriter."


~ Shirley Martin

Ok, enough of that… for now… I promised to tell you about the three steps you need to take to launch your writing business and make money in 30 days or less. 


Here they are… ​

The #1 Secret Is...

First, Believe It. 


Hey, if you don’t believe it, you won’t do it. 


If you believe that my system was your grand key to safely launching your freelance writing business AND making great money… you’d be motivated to do it, yes? 


Yes, you would. 


But so many people just don’t believe. 


And, really, they don’t believe in themselves. 


They have huge doubts… 


“Can I really make this work?” 


“How good does my writing need to be?” 


“How will I get hired without any samples or experience?” 


“I don’t think I have the time to make this work since I have a full time job.” 


Can you relate? 


I sure can. 


I had all of those doubts when I began. 


Gratefully, I discovered that all of them had great answers. 


For example, I’ve made this work… with no college degree, no samples, no formal experience. 


Corel, Sony, and Google hired me without any of that stuff. 


I used a very specific tactic to get them to trust me with their money and their writing projects. 


Thousands of my students have done the same and safely launched their copywriting business. ​

I have been struggling with the rabbit hole for at least the past 10 years.  I know it is no coincidence that I found Joshua when I did.  Thanks for being there. It feels like a big knot of stress was relieved from my shoulders and my brain.  Thanks again, Joshua.


~ Loreen Johnson 

I am excited to tell you that I have a new client. 


Last week I received an email offering me an assignment as a member of a team working on revamping a company website … It’s a job – and it’s paying!  And I will continue to work on growing my clients as you instructed. One of the things that I learned from you was YES! I CAN!  


Best regards,


~ Ann Jordan-Mills

The Secret To Action That Delivers Results

In my experience, belief comes from seeing a clear, simple path to success. 


My son, Enoch - 8 years old -  loves to make animals with towel folding and rolling. He learned it during one of our family cruise vacations. 


The first time Enoch saw an elephant he said, “That’s so cool. It must be so hard to do.” You could tell he was mesmerized by it, but didn’t really think he could ever make something that cool. 


The room steward noticed Enoch’s enthusiasm and said, “It's actually pretty simple. Let me show you.” 


Then, step-by-step he showed Enoch how to turn a couple of towels into a cool-looking elephant. 


That was all it took. 


Pretty soon Enoch was making elephants, monkeys, roses, frogs, and all kinds of stuff. 


He did it because he believed he could...and he believed because he had a simple, step-by-step plan. 


That is what I give you and other writers. 


A simple plan so you can believe and do. ​

The #2 Secret Is...

Here’s the second key element you need to launch and make money in the next 30 days or less… 


High-leverage marketing secrets. 


Marketing isn’t sales. 


It isn’t groveling for business or begging to be the lowest bidder for a gig. 


Marketing is the fine art of getting people to come to you and gladly pay you money for your stuff. 


Does Walmart beg for business? 








People flock by the millions to buy their stuff. 


On a beautiful spring morning in 2007, just a few years after launching my freelance copywriting career… and after fighting to figure out how to get clients for over 9 months… I finally started figuring it out. 


It took a bit, but I eventually figured out how to get clients to come to me, money in hand, ready to hire me. 


I walked into my office that fine spring morning and opened my email. 


“Can you help us with this project?” the subject line ran. 


I smiled as I reviewed the email. 


The tone was almost pleading… please, help us! 


It was a far cry from the early cold calls I made where I was the one doing the begging. 


What changed for me? 


In a word: Positioning. 


When you do your marketing right, you are positioned as a foremost expert writer in your niche. 


When companies think you hold the key to their kingdom, they are eager and happy to hire you. ​

“I put to work the advice Joshua gave at the Web Intensive, to create the information packet and market myself using LinkedIn and taking the "expert" approach. Yesterday I received my first request for a project. Yay!” 


~ Amanda Foxcroft, Chicago, IL

Today I got a request for a connection, which I accepted. We sent a couple of messages back and forth and his response was "Definitely interested. I would like to have a media push in the next month." Holy smokers batman! I'm excited, and scared… this is a great lucrative client. 


~ Kat Susann Panzeri


New Copywriters

Here’s a hint… 


If you come across as a new copywriter, with little value, begging for a chance… you won’t get hired. 


In fact, you’ll kinda repel people. 


On the other hand, if you have a serious solution to their #1 problem, they will chase you down and beg to give you money. 


You might say, “But I am just new and I don’t know their biggest problem or how to solve it!” 


I don’t actually believe that. 


After coaching thousands of writers, I know that you know more than you think you know :).


Also, I know the biggest challenge all marketing directors face… and how to solve it. 


I can’t wait to share it with you! 


I show you exactly how to position yourself as an expert writer in your industry… 


and the go-to-solution for what they need… 


and you can use the system for yourself in under 30 days using my simple steps. ​

The #3 Secret Is...

Here’s the third key element you need… 


You don’t just need belief and positioning. Those are important and powerful. 


But you need more. 


The “more” is writing skills. 


Yep, you gotta be able to write clearly and persuasively. 


Telling a good story is important as well! ​

Stuck Down Before I Really Started!

I remember one of the first projects I got… 


After 3 weeks, the phone rang. 


“Hi Joshua. This is Patrick.” 


“Hi Patrick!” I replied cheerfully… but there was something in the way he said, “Hi” that didn’t sit right with me. 


For some reason, I felt my heart start beating faster. My hands got that sticky, sweaty, clammy feeling, like a dozen slugs had just slimed over my phone. 


“Yeah, Joshua… you know we’ve been working on this project together and, well…” 


I interrupted him, not wanting to feel the blow that was coming. 


This was my first major project… a $5,000 per month retainer project writing long-copy sales letters.


I was in major debt and the electric bill was due (yeah… the electric bill I told you about at the beginning…) 


“Yes! I’m really loving working with you guys. This product you created is so cool. Thanks for letting me write about it.” 


“Ok, well, here’s the deal”, Patrick said, “This is the 6th revision we’ve had to make. The team and I were reviewing it and we just don’t think we can keep moving forward with you. So, we are cancelling the contract. Thanks for giving it a try.” 


I hung up the phone and wanted to fill my wastebasket with the remains of lunch floating around in my stomach. 


What was I going to tell Margie? 


The fact was… my writing was, well, less than stellar. 


I really was trying my best, but it just wasn’t good enough. ​

I Was Drowning In "Techniques"... Feel Familiar?

One of the biggest struggles I had was that there were SO MANY writing techniques to learn. 


The training program I originally took was like 400 pages long and packed with technique after technique. 


It was overwhelming and frankly confusing… because the more I tried to learn, the more gurus and experts and pros I found… and they all had their secret sauce. 


Can you relate to that? 


Yes, if you’re confused about exactly what writing skills you need to learn to get started and make good money, then it’s not your fault… most writing coaches take pride in knowing a zillion tricks and like showing you how smart they are. 


(No disrespect to them… I’ve learned a lot from so many of them and love them… it's just when I was starting out, I was like, “JUST TELL ME WHAT I ACTUALLY NEED SO I CAN MAKE MONEY!!!”.) 


I decided to find out what skills were most valuable and what marketers would actually pay for. 


You know what I discovered? 




That’s right. 


Just five major writing skills were more than enough to get hired, do a great job for most clients, and make good money writing. 


I used those 5 basic skills with Corel, Sony, Google and dozens of other major companies… and they all loved my writing and paid me very, very well… and that was in my first 2 years as a new copywriter. 


Thousands of my students have done the same. ​

Look, I Really Only Focused On This...

They love the simple, clear, step-by-step approach. ​

Speaking one-on-one with Joshua set me on the right path to achieve my goals. I was floundering with my copywriting career and didn't have a clue what to do. Joshua gave me simple to follow, step by step instructions to launch my career and my confidence.  Thanks for your guidance Joshua it was invaluable for an upstart copywriter like myself.  


~ Brett Denton, BS, PICP, IYCA

I’m not focused on teaching you copywriting or bragging about my tricks. 


I’m not focused on teaching you marketing techniques. 


I’m focused on getting you a safe, steady income as fast as possible so you can live your dreams. 


That’s what makes me totally different from any other guru or teacher I’ve seen in this industry. 


How can you make money fast… work less hours… and enjoy a great lifestyle doing things that matter most to you. 


Does that sound like a good fit for you? 




Great! We are going to be great friends for a long, long time. 


Then let me tell you about the first step in our journey together… 


The fastest, least expensive way for you to test-drive my style, my systems and get results is with my “Launch Secrets! How to Safely Launch Your Freelance Copywriting Career in 30 Days or Less” course.


 This course normally sells for $97… but on this page only, you can get it for way, way less! ​

I'm Giving You A 90% Discount Because...

A) I’m super excited to see you win. 


I’m passionate about God, my family (11 children and the hottest wife this side of Anywhereville), and helping copywriters win. 


Seriously! That’s my life! 


B) Yeah, this is what I call an ethical bribe. 


I want to get you hooked on winning, making money fast, following super simple roadmaps, and enjoying a great lifestyle. 


If you love this, my other courses will blow your mind. 


You see, here’s the deal… ​

Your Success Journey... Let's Go!

Every writer I know goes through four basic phases: 

  • Income - “I want steady income right now. What’s the safest, fastest way to turn my writing skills into cash?”

  • Wealth - Once you get some cash coming in, you’ll likely want to 5x-10x that amount… and you’ll believe you can. The first time I made $1,000, I thought, “I bet I could do 5x that and make $5,000”... and I did! (So can you!)

  • Automation - You’ll want more time with that money, yes? Time for family… time for fun… time for travel… time for sitting around doing nothing… time to serve in the community and your church… you know, time to enjoy life to the fullest. 

  • Legacy - Only an elite group of my students aspire to this level. This is where you take your writing skills and use it to build equity in an empire of your own. Build something that you can pass on to your children or favorite charity. 

The Launch Secrets! course is focused on giving you a clear roadmap for safely and profitably launching in the next 30 days. ​

I Don't Do "Magic Pills"... Sorry! (I Do Real Success Instead)

Oh… and word of warning… 


This. Is. Work. 


I could fluff your pillow and tell you that if you buy my program clients will magically start banding down your door without you lifting a finger. 


And you’d love me for telling you that (sound so cool, right?!)… and you would buy it (lots and lots of people would)... and then, oopsey! You’d discover that like anything of value in life, it takes work to win… and you’d be mad at me and not get any results. 


That would stink, don’t you think? 


So, if work bothers you hit the eject button now. We can still be friends, but likely won’t work well together. 


But, I don’t think you’re that kind of person. 


I think you want to win and are willing to work for it. 


Am I right? 


(When I was a teenager, I worked for 10-12 hours straight in the summer heat over at Aunt Myrna’s house… she was a serious task master!! I’m not talking about THAT kind of work! Just a bit of writing and consistent effort. You got this!) ​

Here's What You Get...

So, here’s what’s inside the Launch Secrets! course… 

  • Detailed overview of the 3 secrets you need to win. I’ve touched on them here, but you’ll get full details there. 

  • Secrets on radically and instantly altering the marketing director’s perspective of you. They won’t see you as a groveling new copywriter… instead they’ll respect you and happily pay you. 

  • The 3 key steps you need to take on week one to get started. Gratefully, it's not rent an office, get business cards printed, figure out a business name or anything like that! Hey, you don’t even need to build a website or come up with samples this first week. You’ll be amazed at what the most effective thing to do first is!

  • Detailed instruction on your second week. I show you one simple exercise that will skyrocket your writing skills… I mean those skills that actually matter… including simple, powerful storytelling techniques. 

  • 3 easy daily routines that will forever transform your ability to make money. Do these three things each day and I don’t believe you’ll ever worry about money again. These routines transferred my income and my life. I’ll tell you exactly what they are. 

  • My proven 2-step process for winning big projects. Hey, when the clients show up, what do you do? How do you close the deal? It sounds simple - after all they came looking for you, right? - and it is really easy to close those deals… IF you know what to do. I’ll give you the secret code. 

  • Next steps… how do you go from making a bit of money with a couple projects to really making great wealth? I’ll give you exact details on the next step in our journey together so you can move forward with confidence.

  • And much more! 

In total, you get: 7 detailed training videos, a $97 value. 


Plus, I include full audio files so you can download and listen on your phone while you exercise or drive. It’s a great use of your time… a traveling wealth university! 


The audio files sell for $29 by themselves. 


You get them for FREE. 


I also created a complete Launch Secrets! Guidebook for you. 


This gives you a quick summary of all the key points, the exercises, and the action point. Our guidebooks are valued at $19 and make a great addition to our courses. 


You get…

  • Launch Secrets!  - $97 Value

  • Complete Audio Files - $29 Value (Yours FREE)

  • The Guidebook - $19 Value (Yours FREE)

 A total value of $145 

But, I want to do one more thing for you… ​

25 Week Roadmap Gives You Clarity & Confidence!

I love roadmaps. They help me know what to do each day, each week… especially if I know its a proven process. 


It just feels soooo good to do something and know that it is leading to me winning my goals and achieving success in my life. 


If you’re like me, then you’ll love this little bonus gift… 


I created a 25 Week Roadmap: From Zero to Six Figures as a Copywriter.


It outlines exactly what you can over the next 25 weeks to build a solid six-figure copywriting business. 


I’ve never released this Roadmap as a standalone cheatsheet, but honestly so many of my students have used it to build a six-figure freelance business that I could easily sell it for $97 all by itself. 


You’ll have total clarity and confidence in moving forward. ​

This Is The Box Top...

You Got This!

When I got started I felt like someone handed me a 2,000 piece puzzle without the box top! 


I had no idea what I was building or what went where. 


The 25 Week Roadmap cheat sheet solves that for you. It is the “box top” for your successful copywriting business. 


And I’m giving it to you for FREE. 


So, here’s what I’m giving you… 

  • Launch Secrets!  - $97 Value

  • Complete Audio Files - $29 Value (Yours FREE)

  • The Guidebook - $19 Value (Yours FREE)

  • 25 Week Roadmap: From Zero to Six Figures as a Copywriter - $97 Value (Yours FREE!) ​

 Total Value: $242 

And you get it all for just $7. ​

Iron-Clad, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If You Don't Love It, It's FREE!

If, within 30 days of purchase, Launch Secrets doesn't help me get started as a copywriter ... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step and help me maximize my time and money, then I will receive a full refund. No questions asked!


Founder, Copywriter Marketer

You’ll hear me say this over and over again… but, I have a guiding principle… 


If I can’t help you make money, I don’t deserve any of your money. 


Because of that, even though it's just $7, I give you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 


Order today - you get instant access to everything I’ve described - and take a full 30 days to try it out. 


If you don’t love it, then ask for a refund… which you’ll get, no questions asked. 


But I don’t think it will ever come to that because, well, I’ve trained over 10,000 new writers and they love my stuff and it works. 


I think you’ll love it too. ​

You Have Two Choices...

Right now you have two choices… 


First, you can do nothing. Don’t risk the $7 and try to figure out the puzzle without my help. There’s no risk… except for being on your own. 


I’ve been on my own and it stinks. It is painful and slow. 


Second, you can risk $7 and see if this isn’t exactly what you need to get clarity and confidence on safely building your new copywriting lifestyle. 


Like I said, at $7, this is the least expensive, most powerful way to get going with any kind of expectation of serious results. 


One last thing… 


This offer is totally limited to this page. You won’t see it again, except for a much higher price. 


I love people that take action and I want to reward your faith and courage… so I’m cutting you a 90% deal this one time. 


Here’s what you get… 

  • Launch Secrets!  - $97 Value

  • Complete Audio Files - $29 Value (Yours FREE)

  • The Guidebook - $19 Value (Yours FREE)

  • 25 Week Roadmap: From Zero to Six Figures as a Copywriter - $97 Value (Yours FREE!) ​

 Total Value: $242 

I’m ready to help you win. Like I said, my passions in life are God, my family and helping writers like you achieve their goals and live an amazing life. 


I’m ready to give you instant access to my system that helps you safely and profitably launch in the next 30 days. 


Let’s begin now… ​

To Your Best Life! 




P.S. And now a few more words from my students… people just like you who took a small risk, invested in their future and live a great lifestyle today.. 


I believe you can too… ​

The linkedin strategy worked! I invited 44 people to connect… 14 of them connected. 2 contacted me for further projects… Can't wait to see who might connect tomorrow! Thanks Joshua! 


~ Denise Healy

Joshua Boswell's system can work! I followed his advice and got an email from a highly defined niche company that fits my plant chemical research background--selling chemicals from plants to researchers and supplement companies. I landed the project! 


 ~ Helga George

Hey Joshua!!


Just wanted to let you know I got my first client! It's just writing some blogs for a law office. It's a start. And I'm really excited to get some experience under my belt so I can feel more confident about the next one. I'm just loving this program! Thanks for everything! 


~ Marissa Paysinger

I received my first payment 2 weeks ago. Nothing can replace the feeling when the universe has validated you and your work this way. Yes, this came in even before I set up my website or changed my LinkedIn profile to rebrand myself! 


Anna Fitter


We Respect Your Privacy & Information - 100% Safe & Secure Payments


The Launch Secrets! course is focused on giving you a clear roadmap for safely and profitably launching in the next 30 days. ​


Sign up now and I'll teach you how to: 

  • Detailed training on the 3 secrets you need to win.

  • Secrets on radically and instantly altering the marketing director’s perspective of you.

  • The 3 key steps you need to take on week one to get started. 

  • My proven 2-step process for winning big projects. 

  • Next Steps... I’ll give you exact details on the next step in our journey together so you can move forward with confidence.

  • And much more! 

Everything you’ll receive today...

  • Launch Secrets!  - $97 Value

  • Complete Audio Files - $29 Value (Yours FREE)

  • The Guidebook - $19 Value (Yours FREE)

  • 25 Week Roadmap: From Zero to Six Figures as a Copywriter - $97 Value (Yours FREE!) ​

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