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Welcome To The Winning 1% Mastermind 😉

My Team & I Will Help You… 
Implement EVERYTHING You Need to Enjoy Consistent Client Flow as a Copywriter… Or a Full Funnel Stack to Launch Your Dream Business​

Joshua T. Boswell

Founder of Copywriter Marketer

Susan Kuse

Copywriter Marketer Coach

HELLO WINNING 1% Member!! 


I’m so excited to have you here! 


I’ve faced a few critical points in my business career… 


April 2005… 


I took hold of my son Joshua’s hand… and my daughter Esther’s hand and together we walked to the post office. 


In the little tiny town of Clancy, MT the mail was delivered to the post office and everyone… all 97 households had the joy of going there to pick up mail. 


For us, that was about a mile walk, round trip. 


It was one of our favorite daily activities. Going to check the mail. 


As I opened up our PO box, I could see a large envelope in there. 


When I got home, I opened it up and began to read. 


I read… and I read… and I read. 


You probably know enough of my story to know that this was a letter from AWAI. 


It was a promotional letter selling me their copywriting course. 


I dove in… 


11 months later… 


after days and weeks and months of tears and thousands of cold calls and sleepless nights and so many crazy emotions I’ll never be able to truly record them… 


I added up all my pay and discovered I’d made just over $103,000. 


This year of struggle and sacrifice and heartache was a turning point in my life. 

Mentors, By Not Fellow Builders

The thing is, I had a lot of help and mentors along the way. 


But the one thing I didn’t have was an implementation team. 


I had advice.


I had insights. 


I had strategies (waaayy too many of those, I sometimes got stuck with all my options, you know what I mean?) 


But, I never had someone to help me actually do it. 


I was on my own. 


Wanna know the truth? 


I think if I’d had someone to help me implement stuff, I could have made that six figures in 3-5 months.

My Soul Fought With Self-Sabotage

Seeing that $103,000 of revenue was another turning point for me. 


I’d never heard of anyone in my family that made that much money. 


It messed with my head. Sounds funny, but it did. 


No one warned me that making 5x my income would mess with my system, my emotions, my thoughts. 


It took me back.


I never made less, but honestly, I went a few years just barely growing. 


I was constantly battling between sabotaging myself and really growing. 


One foot hard on the gas… the other foot hard on the brakes. 


It was a weird, wild time for me personally. 


Few people knew it. 


Only Margie will ever really know that whole story… and even then, her steady, constant, sure nature can’t fully wrap her head around the storms that raged in my head. 


I wish I’d had someone there with me, inside my head, during that time that would help me weather the storm. 


But, for years, I didn’t. 

A Mentor AND Fellow Builder Appears

Then along came a guy named RC Peck. 


RC hired me to write copy for him. 


We made hundreds of thousands together. It was a fun time. 


RC’s true gift in life is understanding head trash around money. 


It was RC that crawled inside my head and help me calm the storms and free myself from the guilt and the pride and the deafening low self-esteem that I was battling. 


When the mental brakes turned off, I went from around $8,733 a month in revenues to over $32,221… in less than 3 months. 


RC was there, at my side, coaching me and helping me. He pulled Margie in, too, and helped her see how to help me. 


I felt like a pampered prince, with help on every side and my income literally exploded. 


Man! What a difference it made to have someone help me implement… not just give me ideas, but help actually move things forward. 

2008 ALMOST Crushed My Dreams... Almost

Interestingly enough, RC came into my life in the fall of 2008… right before the Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and the world plunged into economic chaos. 


A bunch of my clients literally evaporated overnight. 


Gone… poof! 


I was stuck holding the bag. 


I remember seeing the news and didn’t think much of it… until my clients started calling and emailing me to cancel my contracts and projects. 


I had a few days of terror, wondering what I was going to do. 


But, I learned something really valuable… 


When my head is right on the inside, it totally doesn’t matter what is happening on the outside, in the world around me. 

My World Turns Upside Down

24 months ago, I had another turning point… 


I decided to really go full force into the world of training copywriters and business owners. 


Up to that point, my primary focus was being a copywriter marketer. 


My income came from clients and a bit came from a partnership I had with AWAI selling training programs. 


But here’s the deal… neither of those sources of income create long-term equity for me. 


They create amazing income and lifestyle. 


But not equity or legacy. 


Margie and my 11 children are getting older… I’m getting older! 


We have one married now… five have left home for Church missions, college and to simply live on their own and make their way in the world. 


I realize more and more that I want more of these things in my life…

  • Independence from my income. Massive money that flows without me. 

  • Impact. I want to have a broader reach and greater influence in the world around me… ESPECIALLY with my children and other family members.

  • Legacy. I want my good works, my wealth, and my wisdom to live on long after I’m gone. 

So, I made a critical decision to flip my income… 20% from copywriting and clients, 80% from automated equity sources. 


To be honest, even though I’ve consulted with hundreds of companies and helped sell hundreds of millions of dollars and made millions of dollars… I soon discovered that I was in a totally different world. 


It is one thing to land a client and produce for them… it is quite another to… 

  • create a team ​

  • manage employees 

  • figure out systems that will run without you

  • manage cash flow with the complexities of payroll ​

  • invest in ad spend

  • and all those kinds of things you never think of as a solo-preneur sitting at your desk cranking our marketing strategies and copy. ​

It is way simpler - at first - to just close a client and then up-sell and cross-sell them. 


But doing that was no longer going to fuel my dream. 


I’d outgrown it. 


So, I stated down that road and it has been rough. 


No going to lie. And your journey will be hard too… but, with my help, nothing like this, right? ​

The Greatest Implementation Team I could Imagine!

But, about a year ago, I brought in another coach - actually a team of coaches. 


I joined Brendon Burchard’s mastermind group… and hired one of his top coaches to work with me on mindset and marketing. 


Not only that, but I got my team working… a team that has the power to implement all of my ideas at lightning speeds. 


My sons, Joshua, Jared and Brigham, have been invaluable to me. They are truly geniuses at what they do. 


As a result, this year has been mind-blowing. 


We have done things during the pandemic that would shock most online marketers. 


For example, a typical turn around time from when you spend money online in ads to when you actually make profit is between 45 and 60 days. 


Our average turnaround time is about 27 hours. (hours, not days!). 


I could tell you about dozens of other amazing key indicators, but this isn’t about me, is it? 


I’m telling you all of this because I want you to know that for the past 15 years, I’ve been working hard, consistently, and with focus to improve myself and grow. 


Not only that, but I have helped tens of thousands of writers build their businesses. 


Now, I’m ready to do more. 


Part of that “more” is helping you come with me on this journey of automation and legacy. 


The fact is, the first time I thought about legacy and automation was back in 2010… over 10 years ago! 


But I didn’t have a guide or a mentor. 


I didn’t know how to implement it all. 


There was a lot there, but if I would have had someone to guide me along, it would have changed the equation. 


I'd have arrived where I am today about 7 years earlier. 

And that is why I’m doing The Winning 1% Mastermind. ​

The Winning 1% Mastermind Details

I’m helping 15 people… 15 people among my tens of thousands of followers… to create automation and legacy. 


Not in years… but in months. 


My team and I will be fully present for you. 


Our focus will be helping you implement, create, and produce. 


This is not a training, coaching, or strategy mastermind. 


This is about production and results. 


This is about giving you the tools to create a turning point in your life. 


This is about transformation… but in safe, powerful ways. 


So, let me explain what you’ll get with this plan. 


At the end, there is an application button. 


I will personally read the application and then I will personally call you and grill you with questions. 


This has to be a good fit for it to work. 


Ok, here’s what you get… 


And, hey, I’m going to give you the value of each thing. 


These are not made up mystical numbers. 


This is what I have actually sold this stuff for. If anything I’m being conservative. I just want you to see that I’m giving you way more than you’re paying for. 


OK? Cool? Just being real with you… ​

Small Group... 15 Members OR LESS

We are committed to giving you the time and attention you need to create automation and legacy. 


You will work closely with this group. ​

3 Day Private Retreat in Kansas City

November 18-21, 2020 ($15,000 Value)

All food, snacks and event experiences costs are included. 


All you need to do is get here and cover your lodging expenses. We are prepared to totally spoil you! 


We have a discounted rate booked with the event venue. 


Everything is close and you won’t need a rental car. 


The weather in KC in mid November is mild… not winter yet, not tropical. Average temperature is between 55 and 65 fahrenheit


Pleasant enough for an afternoon walk with a light jacket, but not so nice that you’re tempted to skip the meeting to lounge around the pool… LOL ​

Wednesday Night

You will come in on Wednesday night. We will have a reception and fine dinner together. 


I will also do a rare Winning Mindset training session with you. What I’ll share with you cost me over $100,000 in coaching. 


I think it will have a deep impact on you.

Thursday - Workshop Day

Thursday is a full work/production day (more on that below…). That night we will treat you to another nice dinner… BBQ! KC is world-famous for their BBQ. 


When Margie was pregnant with out son Enoch, she had a craving for BBQ, so I took her to over 50 different restaurants. We are treating you to her favorite. :) 

Friday - Workshop, Teambuilding & Family!

Friday morning we get back to work… but not for all day, because we have a fun, scary, crazy experience for you. 


In the afternoon, we will load up in vans and head to a place called Swope Park. 


There, high in the trees, is one of the countries larges zipline and ropes course. You can check it out here:


We have a private session booked out that includes a Team Building Mentor and an experience throwing hatchets. 


When I presented this to the team, they said, “But what if people don’t want to do it? Health risks and fears and all that?” 


I said, “I don’t want to do it!!! I hate heights. The thought of doing it makes me want to puke. And that is exactly why we are doing it! They signed up for adventure, so I’m giving it to them!” 


Friday night you get to come to the Boswell’s home. 


I’m EXTREMELY protective of my family. But I’m opening my house to you. You get to have family dinner with us and enjoy a game night. 


You also get to have my famous cinnamon rolls, chocolate molten lava cake, Dazzleberry pie (my invention!) and pumpkin bars. 


I love to feed people I love… so you get the full deal… Welcome to the Family! ​

Saturday - Mastermind, Future Planning, Celebration!

Then, on Saturday, we get back to work… this time we will spend a few hours in a focused mastermind session. 


You get to help each other. 


Together, we will create a “Next Step Plan”. 


You will revise your “5 Major Moves” plan and we will make assignments to the team so you have someone to help you continue to implement everything. 


Then we will celebrate your accomplishments and dream of the future together! 


Saturday afternoon you’ll head home… and get back to work! LOL ​

What You'll Do & Accomplish During The Meeting

Now, let’s talk about how the work times will flow… 


We begin with breakfast at 7am. We start working by 8:30am 


Before you come, we will create a “5 Major Moves” plan. (more on that below) 


We will know EXACTLY what you need to accomplish during those three days to jump your business forwarded. 


Do you need a website? 


My team will be there to build it on the spot. 


Do you need a sales funnel? 


It will get done right there. 


Do you need copy? Ads? Articles? 


We will be there to help you write, proof and create. 


Do you need connections and marketing systems? 


Got you covered. 


Do you need software for automation, emails, tracking? 


We can help you. 


What about LInkedIn stuff, like Sales Navigator help or processes so people approach you on LinkedIn? 


Yes, we can do that right there. 


Promotional videos, headshots, green screen creations, course creation? 


Yes! We have everything you’ll need for that and can do it right there. 


Planning on running paid ads on Facebook or AdWords? 


My ad and social media experts will be there to get it done and launched. 


I could go on and on. 


Literally ANYTHING you need to implement, we will have the team, tools, and resources to make it happen. 


Of course, you will do a TON of prep work, but even in that, we are there to help. 


You’ve never, ever been to a workshop like this or had access to a team of experts like this. 


Almost everything is included. For example, you won’t pay a dime for my team to actually build your website… but you will need to pay for hosting. 


If you are building a business and need ecommerce or marketing systems like, then you’ll cover those expenses, but my team will not charge you a dime for helping set it all up, training on you on it, etc… 


If you need Linkedin Sales Navigator, you’ll cover that cost, but my team will help you set up the right filters, searches, profile, summary, take some pro headshot pictures, etc… All included! 


But, it is exactly what you need to win… so I’m giving it to you. ​

6 Months of 1-1 Coaching With Susan Kuse, Every 2 Weeks ($6,000 Value)

Susan Kuse is one of the best business and copywriting coaches anywhere. Gratefully she’s on my team :) 


Your sessions with Susan will focus on your “5 Major Moves” plan. 


She will make sure you stay focused, help you take action, and make sure you have access to all the resources you need. 


Before each call with Susan, you will complete an assessment questionnaire so that you don’t waste time reporting stuff to her, but rather continue the pattern of planning, optimizing and producing results. ​

6 Months of Weekly Live Phoenix Coaching With Joshua ($2,500 Value)

Every week, I do a live small group coaching session. 


Topics are all driven by the needs of the group. 


For example, I’m in the middle of doing a master class on storytelling because the group said they wanted to know more and master the art of persuasive storytelling. 


Whatever is going to best serve you, that is what we will cover. 


Plus, there is always time for your individual questions. I’m right there for you. ​

One 1-Hour 1-1 Session With Joshua ($5,000 Value)

I will do a one-hour private call with you. 


We will build out your “5 Major Moves” plan. 


To know more about this, I will give you my “Millionaire Time Management” program and invite you to review it before we meet. 


This outlines my system for planning and creating new things in my life. 


The core of the process is that idea that you can achieve anything in your life in just 5 major moves. 


Each move has a subset of tasks, support people, systems and feedback loops. 


It gives total clarity and creates massive efficiency. 


No matter what your goals are, you can achieve them in 5 moves… I’ll help you plot those moves out. You’ll have confidence and hope moving forward with this. ​

Total Team Group Mastermind Call ($7,500 Value)

About two weeks before the event in November, you will join me, my entire team and the other attendees for a planning and strategy meeting. 


We will review your 5 Major Moves plan. 


We will follow up on your assignments and personal efforts. 


We will make a personalized plan for what you want to accomplish at the event. This ensures that we have all the resources on hand to produce results with you. 


We will laugh and have fun! 


Plan on spending about 90 min to two hours with us. 


And, yes! You will complete another assessment before this call as well :) ​

Total Private 1-1 15 Minute Launch Session with Joshua & Susan ($2,500 Value)

One of the very first things we will do after you get approved is jump on a quick call to answer your questions and create some initial plans. 


Before this call you’ll complete an in-depth assessment - the longest one of all - so that we can make the most of our 15 minutes together. ​

6-Month All Access Pass To ($5,000 Value)

I’m giving you full access to every single one of my programs. 


Every course, every tool, every resources… all of it is an open book for you. If you need anything at all, just ask and we’ll get it to you. ​

6 Months of Weekly Group Meetings (Member Moderated - $5,000 Value)

I will organize you into an Action group. No more than 5 people. 


Each week, you will meet with your Action group. I will designate a moderator… but this person is not a guru, leader, or the expert. 


They are one of you (it might even be YOU!). 


These are 30 minute sessions where you will report on your progress and make commitments. Simple but powerful. The agenda and prompt questions will be the same each week. 


You will have an Accountability Buddy and you two will encourage each other along with daily texts, emails and/or phone calls. 


This is not about mentoring each other… this is just about cheering each other on. 


You’ll need it and appreciate it… and so will they! :) ​

VIP Access To Persuade! ($997 Value)

On October 15-16, 2020, I’m doing a live virtual event. 


You get to join as a VIP guest. Here’s a quick list of what you get… 

  • Persuade! 2 Day Digital Admission - $497 value

  • Workbooks & Materials - $97 value

  • Preshow Training - $197 value

  • Lifetime Replay Access - $197 value

  • 2 Advanced Training & Q&A Sessions with Joshua - $397 value

  • FREE! 3 Pillars of Persuasive Writing Course - $197 value

  • FREE! Tools & Training Vault - $197 value

  • FREE! Secret Bag of Tricks - $499 value

All told, you get $49,997 in coaching, products, courses, tools, and implementation. 


Again, I’m trying to be conservative with these numbers. 


It would likely cost you much more to pay for all of this. 


My Two Choices… 


In putting this together, I had two choices… 


I could go really cheap and not be able to afford to give you so many unlimited resources. 


But, honestly, I don’t think that serves you very well, right? 


If you want to win and really transform your life, then let’s do it right! 


My second choice was to charge a little higher amount and really pull out all the stops for you. 


Now, last year, I did a mastermind with Brendon Burchard. 


It was $25,000. 


I got two live events. 


No 1-1 coaching with him. 


12 1-1 coaching session with Marcie McGee, Brendon’s #1 personal coach


Access to 3 of his courses. 


And that’s it. 


I’m giving you 10x this with the Winning 1% program, right? 


Still, I really want you to win, so my first pricing point was $18,000. 


As the team and I talked about it, we thought that a $12,000 investment on your part would be reachable and fair. 


I mean, what if you landed just a couple clients… or created a sales funnel that only did $2,000 a month… It would be well worth it, right? 


What if you could FINALLY create a system that gave you automated client flow, equity and began your legacy. What is that worth to you? 


My entire team is ready to help you at a fraction of the cost you would pay… and cut your time to deployment way down. 


But, like I said, my focus is to help you transform your life. 


So, IF you qualify, your investment will be just $8,000 for EVERYTHING. 


You can pay all up-front and get a 10% discount ($800 off) or pay $2,000 up front and then, starting in November it is $1,000 a month for 6 months. 


Isn’t that incredibly fair? Yes, I hope you see that it is. 


The initial application and payment deadline is October 1st.  


Here’s a summary of what you get with this program… ​

  • Small Group… 15 Members OR LESS

  • 3 Day Private Retreat in Kansas City - November 18-21, 2020  ($15,500 value)

  • 6 Months of 1-1 coaching with Susan, every 2 weeks ($6,000 value)

  • 6 months of Weekly live Phoenix Coaching with Joshua ($2,500 value)

  • One 1-hour 1-1 sessions with Joshua ($5,000 value)

  • Total Team Group Mastermind Call ($7,500 value)

  • Private 1-1 15min Launch Session with Joshua and Susan ($2,500 value)

  • 6 Months All Access Pass to ($5,000 value)

  • 6 months of Weekly Group Meetings (Member Moderated) ($5,000 value)

  • VIP Access to Persuade! ($997 value) 

TOTAL VALUE: $49,997

Your investment: $20,000 Just $8,000 (or paid in full now $7,200)  


So, you have two options… 


You can do nothing. 


Maybe get one of my other courses… which are amazing, for sure… but they don’t give you a full team to implement, coach, motivate, and move you forward. 


Or, you can make a serious investment into your future, your lifestyle, your legacy. 


To apply, click on this link now and let’s get started. ​

Once you apply, I’ll give you a personal call to discuss things with you. 


If you have any questions, feel free to email me personally at: or text me at: 816-408-0420


I’m ready to honor your serious interest in transforming your life and ready to help. ​


I can’t wait to work with you. 


To Your Best Life, 




P.S. The application deadline is October 1st at 11:59pm. 


We have a lot of work to do and I’m super excited to get started :) :) :) 


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