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Its the same for experience writers working hard to move up… to make more money and work less hours. Have you been there? You are stuck with golden handcuffs and can’t seem to create the lifestyle you’ve dreams of having. 


CopywriterMarketer was made for you. It gives you all the tools, systems and resources to create a real lifestyle as a writer.  


Thousands of writers just like you have used our systems and secrets to launch their business, beat out the competition, land great clients, and enjoy a lifestyle filled with time and money. 


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From Joshua:  "I combined over 2 decades of business experience and the proven real-time results  of thousands of my students to bring you the best curriculum to attract and close great clients automatically. Everything is optimized to help you enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams… not just get a few writing clients ."


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Get exclusive interviews feature training by some of the worlds best authors, speakers, marketing consultants and of course, copywriters. These interviews are emotional, personal, real, raw, hilarious, and incredibly insightful. 

You are about to step inside the heart and mind of dozens of hyper-successful people… people that figured out a way to “have it all”. They didn’t pay too much for their money. And you can learn how they did it through these interviews. Students call it "The Voice of Wealth".

Bob Bly


Mark Ford


Rick Sapio


Perry Marshall


Your Membership Includes:​

New Course Unlocked Every 30 Days!

You get one new world-class copywriting course unlocked every 30 days. You'll SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars per year. We'll email you a guide to your new courses every month so you know exactly what's in your library. You can take the courses, anytime, at your own pace. 

Plus "The Voice of Wealth" library which includes training from copywriters including: Mark Ford, Bob Bly, Perry Marshall, Rick Sapio and more! 

Monthly Challenge to Keep You Growing!

We'll send you a 3-day email series with new insights and resources to grow that coming

month. We'll link to targeted training in your courses, offer you new habits to try for the month, and connect you with our courses community to inspire you and help you grow in your business. These monthly challenges keep you growing all year long. You'll also be in our private Facebook group where you can share your journey and be inspired by people dedicated to living the writer’s life!

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Writing Wealth

How to Launch you Business and Land Great Clients. The step-by-step, proven system used by thousands of writers to launch their business and land great clients. ($1,997 value!) 

Millionaire Time Management

Discover how millionaires manage their 24hr allotment. Taken from interviews with over 50 millionaires and billionaires. ($297 value!)

Understanding Clients and Closing Deals

Do you find that you're getting in front of clients but their not respecting you, paying you enough, or you just can't seem to close deals with them? This course is for you. ($97 value!)

Training and Tools Depot: Copywriting and Toolbox

The Toolbox includes a variety of writing templates I’ve compiled and created and tested over the years. Writing a proposal… identifying your services and prices… creating a simple invoice… you’ll find tried and true template. for every aspect of launching your writing business.These will all be yours to customize as you wish. ($197 value!)

Don't leave your copywriting business to hope or randomness. This is YOUR year to live the writer's life!​

You can hope to grow... or you can let us build your copywriting curriculum for you. You can plateau, or you can guarantee your business growth. Copywriter Marketer Membership is the ultimate training and best service in the world to help you take your copywriting business to the next level. Sign-up and cancel anytime. 

What else do I get? Over $2,000 of cutting-edge training that help you build, launch and scale your copywriting business. 

Enroll today and you get 4 full courses unlocked now, from Joshua Boswell.Then every 30 days, you'll get a new courses on topics like:

A full year of training, personally curated for you by the world's leading copywriting coach!

You get 15 courses from Joshua Boswell in Copywriter Marketer Membership. 

That’s over two-grand in a very short time, with about an hour of writing a day.  I like it.


Dr. Rick Boatright​

Chiropractor and Copywriter

Joshua has mastered how to market yourself as a copywriter, and he shared his secrets with us. I’m excited to put all this information to use to achieve my own version of the writer’s life. 

Jeff Soufal​

Online Marketing Consultant & Copywriter

Picked up a new client tonight, an $800/month ongoing gig. And this with only the excellent training Joshua T Boswell, gave us at Web Copy Intensive. After the “world tour” stop in Chicago, it’s “Katie bar the door! 

Steve Mauer​

Chicago, IL

Your intensive workshop was an eye-opening, life changing experience. I listened with rapt attention and soaked up as much wisdom, training and encouragement as possible.

Jessica Joy Reveles​

Editor & Writer

The results of this program are dramatic. I am becoming the author of my own life. My whole stance towards life has begun to shift. The moment of change always feels powerful. Thanks for this simple but effective tool. 

Colette Rice​

Win Best of Show in the Pet Industry

I was the one who asked how to make more time with single motherhood and this new profession. You gave me today and continue to give beyond what I expected out of this class. You have been an amazing Coach.

Brittany Lowseth​


Just wanted to let you know...the harvest has come. I have more clients and inquiries than I can handle!! Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your system works if you work it...AND HAVE PATIENCE!!

Erika Lynn Campbell​

Content Copywriter


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  • Same benefits as monthly: four courses unlocked now, one new course every 30 days, a monthly challenge, the "voice of wealth" library, FREE group coaching call PLUS 2 tickets to Joshua's Persuade! Retreat! 

  • Free replays!

  • 3 months of coaching recordings unlocked now. ($150 value!)

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Joshua Boswell

President, Copywriter Marketer

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