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copywriting expert is YOUR virtual coach for 2 hours every month!​

Exclusive coaching, personally curated for you by the world's leading copywriting coach!

You need guidance and world-class business and copywriting advice to reach your next levels of success, joy, and abundance. Meet your new coach!

He's been the personal copywriter and business trainer for startup founders, authors, public speakers, entrepreneurs and over 5,000 clients around the world. His techniques have been show to dramatically improve career success, work quality, copywriting tactics, marketing skills, income and even overall life and relationships! Now Joshua Boswell can be YOUR virtual coach!

"Joshua Boswell’s direct, enthusiastic, and inspiring speaking style has turned my business around. He has a way of analyzing unyielding obstacles, and feeding his conclusions to his audience through riveting anecdotes and analogies. His words have impact, and the impact has helped me to rewrite my story.​"

Cyndee Davis

Copywriter, O'Cavan Copywriters

Let Joshua help you...

Begin your business transformation, right now!

  • Develop Killer Writing Skills

    Most writers think that great writing requires you to learn a ton of secrets and techniques, but in reality there are a small handful of high-powered techniques that make the difference.  Discover how the best writers in the world consistently crank out winning copy. 

  • Master Marketing Strategies

    The most important thing you can do to improve your writing is to improve your marketing skills. Joshua will not only show you how to market your writing business and land great clients, but will also show you how to use those marketing skills to write better and get better results. 

  • Live the Writer's Life

    Most writers are focused on getting clients… but Joshua is focused on lifestyle. Discover how to create automated client-flow, write faster, and enjoy more time and money so you can do things that matter most to you. What’s your dream lifestyle? Let’s help you get there. 

  • Understand Clients & Close Deals

    Joshua has worked with and interviewed hundreds of marketing directors from small companies to Fortune 100 companies. He takes inside the hiring decisions they use and helps you see how to close deals and secure retainer contracts. 

  • Manage Your Time & Schedule

    You only have 24 hours. How you use that time defines your lifestyle and writing success. Discover simple, easy-to-use time management secrets that let you get more done at faster rates than ever before in your life.  

  • Build Your Professional Online Presence

    Your online presence will give marketing directors and other hiring managers their first impression of you. If they see you as a professional and an expert writer they will be inclined to want to hire you. Discover the secrets to attract the best clients and show them you’re a pro… even as a beginner! 

Today, you get to choose a copywriting coach who has impacted thousands, worked with the worlds largest companies, trained CEOs and celebrities, and coined copywriting & marketing tactics of the BEST writers. 

People must pay $35,000+ a year to work with Joshua individually. You get Joshua as YOUR virtual copywriting and business coach in this group coaching program, starting right now for just $49 per month

Coaching is the #1 Key 

to Long-Term Success​

From Joshua:  "I have spent over 20 years in business and as a writer. As we coach together, I will give you my best insights, tools, resources and secrets for taking your writing skills and turning them into an amazing lifestyle."

Hello Fellow Copywriter,

Joshua Boswell here.

I’ve had the blessing to have coached, trained, and taught more than 5,000 copywriters over the years.

I carefully track my students’ results. I want to know what creates success… both fast success and long-term success.

I have noted the people that achieve their dreams the fastest, are the ones that have a coach.

The challenge is that typically, coaching is very, very expensive.

I personally pay over $6,000 per month to have a private business coach.

That’s just too expensive for most people.

For a long time, I’ve been thinking that there has to be a better way…

A way to give high-level coaching to people who really want to win… but can’t afford $6,000 a month (or even $1,000 a month… or even $500 a month).

I’ve finally found a way to make it work.


This is it. 

Get Coached by Joshua, and You Receive:


Join Joshua for 2 hours of transformative copywriting and business training. You'll get new frameworks, strategies and habits to help you stay focused and master marketing, mindset and copywriting. Every month, Joshua teaches exclusive new content, answers questions, helps you overcome obstacles and gives away gifts JUST for you and this community.


Imagine: you get the SAME copywriting coach and marketing consultant hired by some of the largest companies in the world, who must pay $35,000+ per year to work with him! 

Just $49/month. Cancel Anytime!


Get some of our BEST previous coaching calls unlocked today when you sign up. In these coaching sessions Joshua always goes over cutting-edge copywriting and marketing training, and then takes time at the end to answer any question you have. Overcome your obstacles and smash through procrastination with Joshua as your new coach virtual. You won't want to miss these Copywriter Marketer "Best-Of" trainings! 

$149 Value, Yours FREE today!

Sean P. McCool

Success Coach and Copywriter

"Wow. I just heard Joshua speak at a live event. I watched as he kept a large room spellbound for more than an hour. He’s got a gift. But more importantly, he’s taken his gift and added the salt of hard work and the seasoning of life… stirred it all together to create unique presentations that moved and persuaded that audience."


Now includes an option to save annually, or add Joshua's membership too!



Per Month

  • LIVE COPYWRITING & BUSINESS COACHING every month with Joshua and his community for 2 hours! 

  • Free replays!

  • 3 months of coaching recordings unlocked now. ($150 value!)

  • PLUS 2 Tickets to Joshua's Persuade Retreat! ($997 value!)


MOST POPULAR (Save 50%!)



Per Year

  • Pay the entire year in advance and save 50%!

  • You get the same benefits as monthly.

  • PLUS THIS EXCLUSIVE COURSE UNLOCKED NOW: Get Joshua's Writer’s Life Mastery Course unlocked now, revealing the wealth-building, team building, and mindset strategies used by world's most successful copywriters. (A $588 Value!)



Per Month

  • All coaching benefits PLUS access to Joshua's Membership.

  • Four (4) world-class courses from Joshua unlocked right now!

  • Course topics include: writing skills, mindset, getting clients & closing deals, time management, networking and more! 

  • PLUS 1 new course every month complete with challenges to keep you and your business growing!


Exclusive coaching, personally curated for you by the world's leading copywriting coach!

Get LIVE copywriting & business coaching every month with Joshua for TWO hours!

Your intensive workshop was an eye-opening, life changing experience. I listened with rapt attention and soaked up as much wisdom, training and encouragement as possible.

Jessica Joy Reveles​

Editor & Writer

The results of this program are dramatic. I am becoming the author of my own life. My whole stance towards life has begun to shift. The moment of change always feels powerful. Thanks for this simple but effective tool. 

Colette Rice​

Win Best of Show in the Pet Industry

Picked up a new client tonight, an $800/month ongoing gig. And this with only the excellent training Joshua T Boswell, gave us at Web Copy Intensive. After the “world tour” stop in Chicago, it’s “Katie bar the door! 

Steve Mauer​

Chicago, IL

I put to work the advice Joshua gave at the Web Intensive, to create the information packet and market myself using calls, emails and LinkedIn (taking the “expert” approach).

Amanda Foxcroft​

Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

Joshua has mastered how to market yourself as a copywriter, and he shared his secrets with us. I’m excited to put all this information to use to achieve my own version of the writer’s life. 

Jeff Soufal​

Online Marketing Consultant & Copywriter

Joshua is one of the most gifted speakers and crowd pleasers I have ever seen. If you want to electrify your next event — or if you need to breathe life into your video presentations — Joshua is the man for you. 

Clayton Makepeace​

President, ResponseInk

Who Gets Coaching?

People ready for change. People committed to personal development. People who want a proven path to success.

From new writers just starting out, to writers that have a start but want more, to seasoned writers who are looking to transform their lifestyle… this program has been a game change for people looking to succeed at bringing their professional goals and dreams to life. 


You can achieve your goals sooner and more consistently. You can find greater clarity and confidence in your business. You just need coaching from a professional to take your copywriting business (and your life) to the next level. You just need consistent instruction and training from a qualified coach... and an inspiring community to cheer you on. It's your time to live the writer's life you deserve and desire. That's what Copywriter Marketer Coaching gives you.

"If you want the framework or structure to hang your marketing hat on, Joshua Boswell's coaching is the program for you. No longer will you stand still with indecision. Instead, you'll get actionable steps you can take to achieve your goals. And, I might add, you'll have fun along the way.​"

~ Jewel Pickert, Copywriter & Editor

The industry's best copywriting and marketing coach. Yours for TWO hours per month, just $49/month.

Private clients must pay $35,000+ per year to work with Joshua one-on-one. You get him LIVE EVERY month for TWO HOURS in this exclusive group coaching program.​

Joshua Boswell

President, Copywriter Marketer

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