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The 3-Step Secret Code for Quickly Landing Unlimited Copywriting Gigs in Today’s Market, Without Hard Selling

The Number One Question I Get Asked Is This…

Where Are All The Good-Paying Copywriting Gigs?!!?

Look, you want to be a writer, yes? 


Did you sign up to be a salesman and spend most of your time hunting down projects? No?! 


We are freelance writers because we love writing and want to get paid well for it, right? But when I started, I found myself making cold calls, sending hundreds of emails and groveling for projects. 


There’s a much better way. 

During this FREE, in-depth 90 minute webinar, I’ll show you my step-by-step plan, including:

  • Choose A Fun And Profitable Niche…

    Sssshhh…. SECRET! This is the #1 mistake copywriters make. Get this right and you are 90% of the way there. You’ll be in demand from day one. I show you 3 niches that are begging for copywriters right now. (Revealed in the first 7 minutes)

  • Attract Top Clients (Even If You’re New!!)...

    Sssshhhh… SECRET! Never post on Upwork or other job boards… Never troll social media, asking for gigs… in fact, I don’t think you should ever “promote” yourself. Do this one 15 minute daily activity instead. Watch top clients come to you and ask for help.  (Detailed plan revealed around minute 29) ​

  • Command Top-Fees with Total Confidence…

    Ssssshhhh… SECRET! I use one little “trick” to automatically filter out tire kickers. Only serious, high-paying clients to approach me. This instantly puts you in the driver’s seat and eliminates embarrassing questions or uncomfortable haggling over fees. (I reveal the trick around the 43 min mark… you’ll love it!)

  • And so much more! 

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The 3-Step Secret Code for Quickly Landing Unlimited Copywriting Gigs in Today’s Market, Without Hard Selling

Joshua T. Boswell

Founder & CEO of Copywriter Marketer


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I give you a step-by-step system to consistently and confidently get writing gigs without hard selling, promoting, or groveling. 


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