Use this simple S.U.V. Model to improve your writing &
increase customer & client response rates.



The 3 Pillars have been used to improve response rates & increase pulling power of content for companies like Sony, Corel, Toshiba, St. Jude’s, AWAI, Perry Marshall, & many others.

I can help you create the life style of your dreams, time and money! Every business owner needs to understand the principles writing, of persuasive effective communication. This is crucial! If you are not getting the results you want than the number one thing you need to fix is your messaging. 


Do you need to break free and have success in your life? In 2005, I was stuck. With six children, $200,000 in debt, and no college degree my career was failing. However, by making fundamental changes to writing, within 2 years my life changed. I was free!


Learn and apply my S.U.V. model to experience substantial improvement in your writing and changes in your business. 

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