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Hello Fellow Copywriter,


I am here to help you create a life filled with things that matter most.


My job is to help you...

  • Increase your writing skills,

  • Implement proven marketing systems so that clients will come to you, with hat in hand, ready to hire you

  • Overcome mental trash, self-sabotage, and gain total confidence in who you are, what you can do, and the dreams you can achieve

  • Live a lifestyle that is second to none… filled each day with things that matter most to you. 

To do that, I will give you unfettered, lifetime access to ALL of my courses, tools and templates. 


You’ll have everything you need to know EXACTLY how to launch your writing business, land really great clients, create on-going revenue and reach any financial goal you set. 


Systems + Support to Make It All Work


With my All Access Digital Pass, you’ll also have the support you need. 


Each program is created in a step-by-step fashion so you have total clarity on how to move forward to create success and wealth as a writer. 


I coach you through some doubts and fears you might be having… 


Or we can look at some copy and ramp it up to the next level… 


Maybe you’re right in the middle of negotiating a deal like one of my students, Judi, was recently. We walked through exactly what to say, what emails to send, and how to negotiate the best deal. She nailed it and put over $5,000 in her pocket. 


I’ve also talked with students about how to manage their time better, how to improve their relationships, boosting their health, and all kinds of other topics. 


(Remember, I’ve been married over 24 years, have 11 children, make a lot of money, am in excellent health, write for some of the biggest companies in the world, and serve in an almost-full time ministering position in my church… I don’t know it all, but I have some insights in a few areas of life. ) 


Plus, you have access to the Copywriter Marketer Connect community. Here my team and fellow writers support each other, answer questions, review copy, and lift each other to newer heights. 


Lessons from Over 5,200 Students and

Over 15 Years Experience All At Your Disposal


I’ve coached and taught over 5,200 writers like you over the years. 


I know what stops them from success. 


I know what marketing directors and business owners and content managers want to see and know before they will hire writers. 


I know the obstacles and challenges - both financially and emotionally that you’ll likely face in this journey. 


I’ve been down this road… and I’ve helped thousands of others successfully navigate these waters. 


All of my best thinking, training, coaching, tools and templates are wrapped up on my All Access Digital Pass. 


Right now, you get 100% access to all of it. 

What Others Say About My Training and Systems


Listen to what other writers like you have said about my systems and check out their results…

This is a BRILLIANT Program!!!

My sincere apologies for any earlier skepticism.  


A contact on LinkedIn asked for my rates :))    (And I totally changed my info packet after the Hot Seat)


Joshua has amazing ideas, insight, ability to redirect and share so generously all his experience!!!


I am Jumping up and shouting, Alleluia!




Alison Disque

“You Are Making A Difference In My Life And Goals”

With the way Joshua designed this program, the amazing coaching and support from team Joshua (and hard work, lol!)… it’s flowing together beautifully. 
I wanted to let you know how much you are making a difference in my life and goals. Especially with the unwelcome interruption of a hurricane evacuation.
Cindy Reed 

“Everything Took Off”

Joshua's program was a big help to me- I recommend it to everyone! It helped me to gain better focus on where I should spend my time and energy, so that I could reach my goals faster.


At Bootcamp, I won 2 spec challenges (for Wealthy Web Writer and B2B Writing Success). Then, from there, everything took off.


I've also continued to do articles for both Wealthy Web Writer and B2B Writing Success. Then in December, I received my first assignment from Great Escape Publishing- I'm happy to say they've become a regular client for me now.


Thanks for all the help in getting my freelance business started- I can't wait to see what's next!


All the best,


Tammy Powell

“$260,000 in contracts”

I landed over $260,000 in contracts over the past 13 months.


Josh Vickery

“Over Two-grand In A Very Short Time”​

One morning, when I was checking my LinkedIn responses, there was a message from a multi-discipline practice in New Jersey. The owner asked me about re-writing a prospecting email.


I looked it over, told him what I could do, and sent him a contract with a $250 quote.

50% showed up in my PayPal account and he emailed me back the signed contract. I got started. I delivered before the deadline….


He was pleased with the copy.


He paid immediately and asked me if I could rewrite his six-email autoresponder series. I looked at it and saw that there was probably a need for two additional ones. I gave him a proposal for eight, explained why and found a deposit for 50% in my PayPal account the next morning.  


That’s over two-grand in a very short time, with about an hour of writing a day.  I like it.


I appreciate the coaching. I learn a lot from the consultations. I like the money. I Love the work. And I love the feeling of BEING a professional copywriter, rather than pursuing it somewhere off in the future.



Dr. Rick Boatright


P.S. I particularly like the fact that this is a SYSTEM that I can integrate into my copywriting BUSINESS as an on-going, integrated part of long-term success. I’ve had intermittent work in the past, but I think this approach can produce a steadier stream of work.  Thanks.

“ I Got My First Paying Client

Hi All, I got my first paying client last week and payment arrived today 👊The client found me via LinkedIn (I love when that happens 💖). I wrote a blog article for them which they thought was great! (with an exclamation point :-) They use a lot of content and expressed interest in future work. Although I was prepared to wing it in the event that I was pressed about samples and experience, it really didn't come up. I just surrounded myself with pages of the Toolbox while I was on the call and it went great! Couldn't do this without Joshua T Boswell! Thanks


Rosemary Froelich

“I Had Made $140,000”

One year after I got my first paid copywriting project, I had made $140,000. What other opportunity do you have in 90 days to learn a skill and make six figures your first year doing it?


Jake Hoffberg

“Beyond What I Expected"

Hello Joshua, 


I didn’t want to waste everyone’s Q&A time today to thank you for your answer to the question I asked. I was the one who asked how to make more time with single motherhood and this new profession. You gave me today and continue to give beyond what I expected out of this class. Your enthusiasm about this lifestyle is addicting and I can’t wait to see it for myself. 


Anyway, just wanted to send a quick Thank you for all that you’re doing for us. You have been an amazing Coach.


Excited about our next few sessions.



Brittany Lowseth

“I Have More Clients And Inquiries Than I Can Handle!!

Guys. Just wanted to let you know...the harvest has come. I have more clients and inquiries than I can handle!! I worked sooooo hard and even went into a depression because I let my life get so far out of balance, desperate for just ONE client.  Even though I took the weekends off with my family, I felt totally drained.


Once I got the first client, the ball just picked up momentum. I’m attempting to take this week off but the emails just keep coming for consultations and other things.


Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. All the best,


Erika Lynne Campbell

“I Closed A $3500 Assignment”

Like all changes we seek to make in our lives -- nobody can do it for us. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed. Make the call. Send the email. Last week I closed a $3500 assignment with a phone call appointment. You can do it too! —  celebrating success.  


Jan Evans

“I Landed My First Client

I want to let you know that I landed my first client, a boutique web designer and Google Partner. I sent the assigned home page draft to him yesterday, and will receive a check Friday!


Thank you for helping me to be prepared for my new career as a B2B web copywriter!


Robin Borchelt

I could give you hundreds more. 


In fact, I have a document where I compile testimonials… it has over 65 pages and counting. That doesn’t include everything… and it doesn’t include over 50 video testimonials that I’ve received. 


My point is this… these programs have worked for thousands of other writers just like you. ​

As a quick review, here is a list of some of the programs, courses and tools you’ll receive with your All Access Digital Pass… 


Wealthy Writing: How to Launch Your Business and Land Great Clients ($1,997 value)

Step-by-step, proven system used by thousands of writers to launch their business and land great clients. This is my flagship program. It is the #1 best-selling program on helping writers like you land great clients and enjoy an amazing lifestyle. 



Millionaire Time Management ($297 value)

Discover how millionaires manage their 24hr allotment. Taken from interviews with over 50 millionaires and billionaires.



The Voice of Wealth ($497 value) 

Get exclusive interviews feature training by some of the worlds best authors, speakers, marketing consultants and of course, copywriters. These interviews are emotional, personal, real, raw, hilarious, and incredibly insightful. 


You are about to step inside the heart and mind of dozens of hyper-successful people… people that figured out a way to “have it all”. They didn’t pay too much for their money. And you can learn how they did it through these interviews. Students call it "The Voice of Wealth".



The Charisma Code ($997 value)

Charisma is the secret weapon of all great writers. When you have it, people will want to be around you, listen to you, and follow your lead. 



LinkedIn Training ($397 value)

LinkedIn is the new king of getting clients and marketing your services as a writer. This training is specifically designed to do just that. In connection with The Perfect Article course (also included with the All Access Pass) you'll never be groveling for clients again in addition to using everything you write to set yourself up as an expert in your field. 



Training and Tools Depot ($1,997 value) 

Targeted training videos, tools, resources, and templates all organized into one place. You’ll have total confidence knowing that you have a tool, template, or script for every phase of your writing business. 



7 Daily Power Habits ($297 value) 

Your subconscious controls 95% of your decisions... but you get to control your subconscious by creating habits. I show you the most important daily habits for winning as a writer. 



Become an Expert in 30 Days or Less ($97 value)

 Discover the secrets of becoming a recognized expert in almost any field in 30 days or less. I did this with complex fighter jets… skin care… investing strategies… and more!  You can do it too. 



4 Beliefs of Power - 4 Routines of Results ($97 value)

Beliefs shape our mind and our mind shapes our world. Discover four beliefs that will transform how you see the world and the results you get in every area of your life. 



7 Step Roadmap to Getting Clients ($297 value)

A shorter, simplified version of the Writing Wealth System. Need a refresher on landing great clients? This will help.



The System ($47 value)

A simple, basic system for landing clients. This is a great place for beginners that want an overview of how it all works. 



The Engine Core ($97 value) 

Detailed instructions on how to build a winning Information Packet that inspires people to hire you. You will also use this to build out your website and other resources that attract clients. 



10 Predictors of Success ($47 value) 

After coaching thousands of writers, I've seen 10 things lead toward success. Do you have them? Find out… and discover how to make the most of all 10!



Understanding Clients and Closing Deals ($197 value)

Advanced insights on what clients think, feel and how to grab their attention. Plus, details on landing clients and closing big deals. 



Daily Routines to Help You Win ($97 value)

Success is forged on the anvil of routines. Discover 7 high-impact daily routines that are proven success strategies for some of the most successful writers in the world. 



The Perfect Article ($297 value)

Discover the 6-step simple system for writing perfect articles and use it to attract great clients without traditional sales and marketing tactics like cold calling and emails. 



Persuasive Writing Secrets ($997 value)

My 8 Week Course Gives You a Unique Combination of Proven Persuasive Writing Tricks and Simple Templates.


If you write faster and more persuasively, you’ll make more money and have more time to enjoy that money. Right? Do you like writer’s block? How about that wonderful feeling of uncertainty… that lovely little nagging voice inside of you whispering, “That writing stinks. It’s not nearly good enough. Are you sure you want to be a writer for living?” (I’ve heard it, too… we all have… but it’s a lie!)


If you write faster and more persuasively, you’ll make more money and have more time to enjoy that money. This is my latest course on how to do just that. 


And much more! 

Plus, you get access to all future programs. 


These include… 


The Writer's Life Mastery Course ($3,997 value)

This is by far the most extensive and detailed course I've ever done - focused exclusively on helping you get clients, create consistent income and use that income to live the writer's life - a life you of your choosing filled with the things that matter most to you. I literally walk you through every single step from starting your career to maximizing your time and money using my endless profit matrix. There is no guesswork or confusion. Follow this course and your dream of turning writing into a career will be yours.


And 4 more major programs outlined for 2020… including advanced training that can take writers well beyond the $100,000 mark. 


I’m totally committed to doing everything I can to help you win. 


Right now, the total value of all this is well over $11,731. (Although there's really no way to quantify this as I add at least 3 new courses for you every year.) 


When I release this to the public, it will be offered at a discounted rate of $5,997… and next year it will likely sell for twice that. 


Right now, you get full, lifetime access for just $2,997… and you can even do 3 installments of $999 if that is better for you. 


And, to make sure you are 100% satisfied, I give you a 30 day, no questions-asked, total guarantee. 


That means, you have 30 days to review it all. If you’re not totally happy, just let me know and I’ll turn off your access and refund your money. 


I have never offered anything like this… and I likely won’t offer it at this price ever again. 


Your time is now. Your life, your dreams, your future is worth making this investment. 


Let’s get started. Join us today. ​

To Your Best Life, 


Joshua ​

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