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URGENT: Copywriters Like You Are In HIGH Demand Right Now In 18 Specific Niches. I Show You Exactly Who They Are And How To Close Top Deals

There are 18 industries that have a MASSIVE demand for copywriters, right now. The chaos in the world has made the need for copywriters higher than ever because many companies are really hurting. 


Let me give you the confidence, the system, and the tools you need to finally achieve your dreams as a freelance copywriter, by landing projects with these companies. 


With this system, you can know, for sure, that you’re doing the right things to bring in top-paying clients. 


You’ll also know exactly what kinds of writing skills you need - the kinds of skills that companies are excited to pay for. 


With this system, you can know, for sure, that you’re doing the right things to bring in top-paying clients. 


You’ll also know exactly what kinds of writing skills you need - the kinds of skills that companies are excited to pay for. 

Access the #1 Program for Landing Copywriting Clients for less than $1/day

A Life-Changing Course
On Getting Clients

  • 5 years of research to identify the top 18 niches that need writers NOW

  • Proven, simple step-by-step system for attracting clients - even without years of writing experience ($1,497 value)

  • LinkedIn secrets for getting clients to contact you ($197 value)

  • Tools and templates to make make marketing and writing fast and easy ($197 value)

“This is a BRILLIANT Program!!!” 

A contact on Linkedln asked for my rates:)) Joshua has amazing ideas, insight, ability to redirect and share so generously all his experience !!! THANK YOU,

Alison Disque | Copywriter

“In just a few weeks, I landed two projects...”

I started doing the Linkedln daily activities immediately after Joshua outlined them for us.... In just a few weeks, I landed two projects with a great client.  

Dr. Rick Boatright |  Copywriter


  • What industries need copywriters NOW and are willing to pay top dollar. 

  •  How to position yourself as an expert writer and instantly gain the trust of key decision makers.

  • A renewed sense of confidence and fulfillment because you'll have a proven system, writing for industries and causes that are fun and important to you.

  • How to attract top paying  clients using LinkedIn just 15 minutes a day... or less.

  • And much more...


  • Module 1 - Opportunity Awareness

    Not all projects and clients are created equal. Gain X-ray vision so you can pick the best projects that will bring you joy, income and future opportunity. Get a step-by-step system for attracting these clients to you - even if you’re new. I give you pricing strategies so you can bid on projects with total confidence.

  • Module 2 - Instant Expert Status

    Experts get paid more. Period. But, did you realize, they also work less? I show you the blueprint for becoming an instant expert in your field. I give you the magic of the RAS trigger to grab and hold attention. Then we dive into storytelling - the key to converting expert status into client flow.

  • Module 3 - Prescriptive Negotiating

    Every deal has an “alpha” and a “beta.” Discover the art of asking powerful questions. The person asking the questions is the expert, is the alpha, and controls the conversation (and fee structure, deal flow, and project). Create a winning “bag of tricks” to attract higher-paying clients and close more deals.

  • Module 4 - The Endless Profit Matrix

    Lifestyle comes when you have more time and more money. You MUST stop chasing clients to have a great lifestyle. I show you my exact system for taking a small project ($500 or less) and turning it into a huge client ($50,000 or more). This is my proprietary system, found nowhere else. It is the #1 system for increasing your lifestyle.


Total Value... $435

Exclusive Bonus #1:
Sample Discovery Call & Scripts 

a $39 value


Tune in as I model a discovery call - the conversation I use to close top clients. I’ll show you exactly how to implement everything you need to do. Plus I’ll give you complete scripts and templates so you’ll be able to easily close top deals. 

Exclusive Bonus #2:
Three Exclusive Bonus Trainings

a $199 value


In these three bonus training sessions you’ll watch me tackle some of the most difficult (and lucrative) questions about getting clients. 


First… How much should you charge for your work? I’ll detail my pricing model and strategy so you can craft project proposals with total confidence… and win bids consistently! 


Second… How do you close top deals? Too many writers lose projects because they don’t understand the close. I’ll give you a simple, 3 sentence formula. I have 100% success with this. 


Third… How do you get retainer projects, where you get paid month after month? Most writers are always chasing projects. Stop the madness and land high-value retainer projects.

Exclusive Bonus #3:
The Professional Writer's Toolbox

a $197 value


This contains ALL of my contracts, writing templates, mindset strategies, best practices, proposals, and… well… everything I use to run my writing business.


It has taken me over 15 years to assemble all these tools and templates. You get them FREE.


Fast Action Bonus! (Additional $997 Value)

If you join The High-Income Copywriter Roadmap before the clock hits zero, I’ll give you a very special bonus… my exclusive course called, PROFIT! 


Inside this course, I take you deep inside a sales funnel. 


Writers that understand sales funnels can charge 10x what average writers can charge. I’m giving you a massive secret weapon for landing clients and commanding top fees. 


You’ll discover the three primary stages of a funnel and what copy is used at each stage. 


Not only that, but you’ll get my secrets for making each stage of the funnel convert way higher than industry averages. Clients demand you work for them when you can do that. 


This is an advanced course that sells for $997… yours FREE. 


    • High-Income Copywriter Roadmap - $1497 Value

    • Discovery Call & Closing Secrets - $97 Value

    • High Income Training Bonus Pack - $197 Value

    • The Endless Profit Matrix - $197 Value

    • Professional Copywriter’s Toolbox - $197 Value

    • PROFIT! Sales Funnel Masterclass - $997 Value

    Your Total Package Value... $3,182

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