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The #1 point of failure for copywriters that don’t win is a lack of support. 


They have the right tools, the right training, the right resources… but they lose the battle in the quiet moments of life when they have to face their own fears, own habit, own personal struggles. 


And the #1 solution is to have a vibrant, strong, uplifting, smart community to help them overcome these obstacles. 


I’m pleased to announce a brand-new community that delivers all of that… and MORE! 


Introducing: ​

Copywriter Marketer Success Team

Community Support (Priceless!) ​

Join a vibrant community, dedicated to helping each other. 

  • Get insights on proposals...

  • Critiques to strengthen your copy… 

  • Strength to overcome personal demons and doubts… 

  • Encouragement to carry on… 

  • X-ray vision on opportunities and how to handle changes in society, politics, and technology...

  • And exclusive job/project offerings

Customized Roadmap for Success
($2,500 Value)

Answer a series of questions and we will supply you with a customized roadmap, showing you exactly what to do first, second, and third to transform your life in 2021. 


You will have a clear, step-by-step path for success… plus the support team to help you each step of the way. ​


(Coming January 2021!)

Awards & Recognition (Priceless!)

We celebrate your smallest efforts and biggest successes. 


As you progress through your Roadmap and hit certain milestones, we will award your certificates, highlight your efforts, and send you cool swag, prizes and plaques. 


Here are a few examples… 

  • First Published Article… we’ll highlight you in the community and send you a handsome certificate of achievement

  • First Client… we’ll interview you and give you a full-feature post inside the community and on the CM site. Plus, you get a special customized gift in the mail from us that you can use for a lifetime. I use my personal version everyday and it helps me to feel proud that I’m a copywriter marketer. 

  • Team 100… when you hit a verified $100,000 or more in income you’ll join a special club of top-performers. You’ll receive exclusive swag, another gift and a customized plague. You will also be invited to an annual Team 100 retreat - at no extra charge. This is a life-changing, full submersion experience. And it is ONLY for Team 100 members. 

  • Plus much more! ​

Copyflix Access! Over 21 Courses & Programs
(Sells for over $9,974!) ​

As part of your membership, we open up a vast library of courses and programs… over 21 in all.. And counting! 


These courses take you deep inside the secrets of transforming your life, your income and your business as a copywriter marketer. 


You will discover winning writing secrets, marketing secrets and mindset secrets. Courses include… 

  • 7 Habits of Highly Successful Writers ($197 value) - What daily habits and thinking do you need to win. I show you exactly how to get your brain to force you into success! 

  • The Bag of Tricks ($597 Value) - My secret weapon for charging 10x what average writers get paid!

  • ​Millionaire Time Management ($397 value) - The power of managing your time so you get more done and live a more fulfilling life in every category of your life. 

  • The Charisma Code ($997 value) - Discover the science behind getting anyone to instantly like you, listen to you, and want to follow your lead. 

  • The Secrets of Closing Big Deal ($197 value) - How do you close deals with Fortune 100 companies… or similar $30,000 - $250,000 deals? I show you my secrets inside this course. 

  • NEW! Linkedin Magic ($297 value) - My latest course takes you inside the new Linkedin changes and shows you how to create an on-going stream of retainer deals and endless client-flow

  • Success Team Exclusive! Achieve! ($397 value) - How do you win in every major category of your life? How do you set goals for yourself that you can consistently hit? How do you manage money, health and relationships to ensure the most fulfilling, happy life? I give you step-by-step instructions on how to do all of this inside of Achieve!

  • And MUCH MORE! 

All told, if you bought all 21 of these courses and programs separately, you’d pay over $9,974… but ALL of them are included in your annual Success Team membership! No additional charge. 


Plus, you’ll get access to any new programs I add to the Success library in 2021… at not additional charge! ​

Tools, Resources, Templates & Scripts
($997 Value) ​

I give you access to all my scripts, templates, tools, files, contracts, and… well, EVERYTHING… I used to run my business and live an uncommon life of freedom. 


If you bought all of this separately, you’d pay almost $1,000… but it is all included. 


For example, you get… 

  • Tools! How to Choose a Fun and Profitable Niche

  • Template! The Winning Sales Letter Framework

  • Resources! Personality Profile Test To Maximize You and Your Clients Success

  • Script! What to Say On Linkedin

  • Tool! Content Calendar with Bonus Headline and Content Templates

  • Template! Winning Proposals and Contracts

  • 30+ other tools, templates, resources or scripts!

Exclusive Monthly Member Appreciation Training ($997 value)

Join me each month for live, exclusive training. 


I will help you stay current on what is happening in the world, see opportunities, and stay on top of your game. 


Also, be the first to hear of breakthrough strategies that my advanced students and I are using to transform our businesses.

Outrageous Customer Support 
(Priceless Value!
) ​

Our member support team is second to none. 


If you need anything, they are there for you. You’ll feel respected and appreciated… and your questions will be answered quickly and clearly. 


It is refreshing to have this kind of positive support. 


Total Annual Membership Value: $14,468


Today, Your 12 Month CM Success Team Membership is: JUST $397 ​


This is a VERY LIMITED offer. 


The price goes up when the clock below hits zero. 


But I am offering it to you right now at this massive discount so that you can have all the tools AND the support community you need to transform your life in 2021. ​

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