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Copywriter Marketer Masters Program

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Client Connection Portal

Client Connection Portal

Masters Program Curriculum

The Entire Up-To-Date Masters Curriculum

Persuade Event June 2022

Get The Top 5 In-Demand Writing Skills PLUS... A 5-Step Client Attraction System... All-In-One Two Day LIVE Event!

RISE! Coaching

Making Money As A Writer

Persuade Event April 2021

Get The Top 5 In-Demand Writing Skills PLUS... A 5-Step Client Attraction System... All-In-One Two Day LIVE Event!

Total Copywriting Career Blueprint

Go from Zero… to EVERYTHING You Need to Launch A Profitable, Fulfilling Copywriting Career in Just 12 Weeks or Less

The Perfect Article!

Attract Great Clients Without Traditional Sales and Marketing Tactics Like Cold Calling and Emails

Genius Copywriter Secrets

Genius Copywriter Secrets

Persuade Event 2020

Get The Top 5 In-Demand Writing Skills PLUS... A 5-Step Client Attraction System... All-In-One Two Day LIVE Event!

Launch Secrets

The Underground Playbook for Profitably Launching Your Copywriting Career in 30 Days or Less

The High-Income Copywriter Roadmap

The High-Income Copywriter Roadmap

Linkedin Training

Automatically attract projects and clients to you using LinkedIn. Takes 15 min a day or LESS.

18 Golden Niches

Discover The Top 18 Industries That Are Desperate to Pay Writers Like You!

Copywriter Marketer Roundtable

I’ll Give a Few More Writers The Secrets of How to Claim Their Dream Lifestyle.

Copywriter Marketer Coaching

Exclusive coaching, personally curated for you by the world's leading copywriting coach!

Winning 1% Mastermind

EVERYTHING You Need To Enjoy Consistent Client Flow As a Copywriter Or a Full Funnel Stack To Launch Your Dream Business

Copywriter Marketer Membership

Don't leave your copywriting business to hope or randomness. This is YOUR year to live the writers life!‚Äč

The 10 Predictors of Success as a Writer

After coaching thousands of writers, I've seen 10 things lead toward success. Do you have them?

LinkedIn Magic

Master LinkedIn In Just 27 Min A Day

Phoenix Coaching

Weekly LIVE 90 min Coaching Calls!

7 Daily Power Habits

Your subconscious controls 95% of your decisions... but you get to control your subconscious by creating habits.

7 Step Roadmap to Getting Clients

A shorter, simplified version of the Writing Wealth System. Need a refresher on landing great clients? This will help.

The 4 Beliefs & 4 Routines

Beliefs shape our mind and our mind shapes our world.

Millionaire Time Management

Discover how millionaires manage their 24hr allotment. Taken from interviews with over 50 millionaires and billionaires.

3 Pillars of Persuasive Writing

Use the 3 Pillars to improve response rates of your copy

5 Steps to Make Money Now

How To Make Money As A Writer - Now!

Wellness Mastery

Optimize Your Mind & Body

Tools and Templates Depot

Training videos, tools, resources, and templates all organized into one place.

The Charisma Code

How to get people to want to be around you, listen to you, and follow your lead.

Persuasive Writing Secrets

Get Results Faster. Keep More Profits.

The Voice of Wealth

Private Interviews with Super-Successful People



The Engine Core

Detailed instructions on how to build a winning Information Packet that inspires people to hire you.


Reach Your Highest Potential

Bag of Tricks

Bag of Tricks

Daily Winning Routines

Success is forged on the anvil of routines. Discover 7 high-impact daily routines.

Become An Expert

Discover the secrets of becoming a recognized expert in almost any field in 30 days or less.

The 3-Part System for Getting Clients

A simple, basic system for landing clients.

Understanding Clients and Closing Deals

Understanding Clients and Closing Big Deals

The Ultimate Headline Clinic

Headline Clinic

#OneThingChanged Summit

In 2020, Life Changed. And It’s Not Going Back to Normal. We Need New Tools, New Strategies, New Systems to Win.

Persuade Event March 2020

Persuade March 2020 Event

CM Complete

Copywriter Marketer Complete