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Hi Fellow Writer! Joshua Boswell here. In 2005, I was $200,000 in debt, with 6 children to feed, living in the mountains of Montana. It was a scary time and I was desperate for things to change. I knew I could have more. I knew I could be more. 


Do you feel like you’re living your dream lifestyle now? If not, why not? And, how are you going to change it? 


It is possible to have everything in life you want. It all begins with having enough time and money, right? That is why you are here, reading this, isn’t it? Because you are like me and you want a new life. You know you can have more. You know you can be more. 


I struggled for many years trying to figure out how to have both time and money. In the first 11 months as a writer, I made over six figures… but I was working incredibly hard, long hours. I think figured out how to work less hours, but the income dipped lower than I wanted it. 


I then discovered one thing that changed my life. In a word: Retainers. This is where clients pay you very well each month to do a specific volume of writing. When done right, this is magical. 


For example, I had one client pay me $5,000 a month for 2 hours a month of consulting and about 10 hours a month of writing. Another client paid me over $12,000 a month for 3 hours of consulting and about 20 hours a month of writing. Many of my students have seen similar results… some making upwards of $35,000 a month, on retainer, working less than 40 hours a week. 


The best part of all this is that my other students and myself have achieved all of this without the usual scary, painful marketing tactics… Instead, we use a system for getting clients to come to us, prequalified and ready to work with us. 


Today, I invite you to apply for Copywriter Marketer Roundtable so you can potentially experience these same results. 


Copywriter Marketer Roundtable is my top-level mastermind community and training program. You get to the ideal combination of: 

  • Private live events

  • Private seminars and training

  • Proven training programs and systems 

  • Advanced writing skills training

  • Magnetic Marketing systems to attract ideal clients and close retainer deals

  • Winning High Performance Mindset strategies to live a richer, more fulfilled life

  • Monthly live coaching, exclusive training

  • Connection with vibrant mastermind community for unlimited support 

Let me ask you again… Are you content with your current level of income and lifestyle? Then how will you change it? For me a consistent writing income was the answer. Could that be your answer, too? 


Watch the video above for more details on my Roundtable mastermind. It seems like it could be the exact solution you need to transform your life and writing career.

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