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From the desk of Joshua Boswell:


Hi Fellow Freelance Writer! 


Every freelance writer I know wants to make money… 


and most of them struggle finding consistent clients. 


Is that you? 

If so, I have great news for you… 

My proven course - RISE! How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer - is so simple and effective, I guarantee you’ll get a client. 


Over 2,317 writers just like you have taken this course and put my guarantee to the test. 


NOT ONE of them has received a refund because the system failed to deliver. 


I did have one ask for a refund once… 


On a Friday night in late November I checked my email. I saw one subject line that made my heart sink… 


“Refund request” 


I opened it up and read this… 




I hate to ask this because I have loved your program, but I did everything you said and I didn’t get a client. Today was the last day and I think I’ll ask for a refund. I hope you understand.” 

Well, of course, I understood. 


A deal is a deal. 


Being Friday night… and my team gone from the office… and me having no foggy clue how to trigger a refund… I decided to wait until Monday morning to reply to her. 


The next morning, I had a hunch to check my email again. 


I saw an email that made my heart jump for joy… 

SL: “Refund Request Cancelled!” 


Joshua - you’ll never believe this… 


Last night after I sent you the refund request, I got an email from a company that contacted me on Linkedin a couple weeks ago. They said they had a project for me and included a signed contact. I signed it, sent it back and they sent some money to my PayPal account on a Saturday morning! I can’t believe it!!!


Forget the refund! Thank you!


My name is Joshua Boswell. 


I’m a freelance writer and daddy. 


Being a daddy is an important part of my story and - would you believe it - an important part of your success as a writer. 

Let me tell you why before you think I’ve lost my mind… 


My wife, Margie, and I have 11 children. 


No twins. 


All planned. 


No adoptions. 

All 11 are our biological children so of course Margie gave birth to all of them. 


When I was 9 years old my parents divorced. It had a huge impact on me. 


Being a crazy teenager without a daddy was hard for me. My dear mother worked hard running a small rest home in our home so she could pay for me and my 5 siblings. 


I don’t know how mom managed all that, but she did! 


As I grew older… watching my mother struggle so much with money and living with a broken, lonely heart… I had a HUGE passion burn in my heart.


I swore that one day I would be the world’s best daddy and husband. My family would never go through the living fires of hell that we faced during those years. 


I had a dream… 


I wanted to get married to an amazing woman… have a ton of children… make a ton of money… and work at home so I could spend a ton of time with my family. 


Seems simple enough, right? 


Let me pause for a minute… 


Do you have a huge, burning dream? 


Is something inside you driving, pushing, and pulling you to do more, be more, make more, have more? 


Is life racing by for you and you wonder, “When will I escape? When will I finally live my dreams and be who I know I can and should be?” 


Maybe you don’t feel that burning inside, but boy o’boy I sure did! 


If you do, then fate might have brought us together. 


For the past 15 years I have been living my dream lifestyle.


I’m not super rich. 


I’m not famous. 


I don’t own a Ferrari or even a Mercedes. 


I do eat 3 meals a day with my family. 


I read every night to my children. 


I never miss an important event with the family. 


I get to travel 3-6 months out of the year with them. 


I get to serve 10-30 hours a week in my Church. 


I spend time doing the things that matter most to me. 


Everyday. All day. 


My business has survived recessions, technology changes and political shifts in the freelance world. 


I don’t worry about pandemics or politics. 


I get to enjoy a fun, happy, financially secure life.


But it wasn’t always like that. 


15 years ago, I was in massive debt… over $200,000 in personal debt. 


At the time we had 6 children and I was super scared. 


I don’t have a college education.


The business I had built up was destroyed in one day because a company in California went out of business, taking all of our tech resources with it. 


I felt like I had nothing and nowhere to go. 


Ever faced that demon? 


It is hard to look in the mirror and think there is a serious loser staring back at you… a blank stare of hopelessness that you can’t escape. 


At least you don't think you can escape it… 


But that is a lie. 


You can escape it. 


I did. 


I got a letter one day that told me I could “retire this year and still make more than most doctors” by writing a simple sales letter. 


It introduced me to the world of freelance writing and claimed that I could make thousands of dollars for just writing stuff.


The thought that my writing skills were in demand… that there were millions of clients out there ready to pay me great money for my writing… that I could live life on my own terms and not worry about recessions, pandemics and crazy politics… 


It all gave me a huge sense of hope. 


I jumped in and gave my writing business my whole heart for over 9 months. 


I made thousands of cold calls. 


I sent out thousands of prospecting emails. 


I pitched, I sold, I begged… I tried everything to convince someone to give me a chance. 


But, you know what? Basically nothing worked. 


The problem was I didn’t have a system. 


I didn’t understand marketing. I didn’t understand the writing world. I didn’t understand how marketing directors minds’ worked. 


Where were all those clients? 


Why were they hiring other writers and not me? 


It was a painful, confusing, hard time for me. 


But that passion for being a great husband and daddy, making tons of money, and spending tons of time with my family drove me to try, try, try again and again. 


I was not going to give up. 


The prize at the end of this fight was too great. 


And that is why my passion to be a daddy is so important to you. 


I figured out how to make it work. It cost me a ton of time and money and effort… but I got it down. 


For example, when I was first trying to make money as a writer, it took me about 7 months to close a deal… from first contact to closing the deal, 7 months. 


Once I figured out the system, I got that down to a few months… then a few weeks… then 7-10 days. 


Any niche, any time of year, any economy - I can find clients and close deals. 


(Insider Tip: Bad economies actually make it easier to land great clients because serious companies are eager to stay in business and need persuasive writers more than ever!). 


Would you like that? 


Would you like to make money as a writer and live life on your own terms?


Would you like the security of being your own boss and having an income that grows when the rest of the world is collapsing?  


If you structure your freelance writing business the right way, I believe that is exactly what can happen to you. 


Here’s what other writers like you said about their experience… 

“Beyond What I Expected” 


Hello Joshua, 


I was the one who asked how to make more time with single motherhood and this new profession. You gave me today and continue to give beyond what I expected out of this class. Your enthusiasm about this lifestyle is addicting and I can’t wait to see it for myself. 


Anyway Just wanted to send a quick Thank you for all that  you’re doing for us. You have been an amazing Coach.


Excited about our next few sessions.




Brittany Lowseth

“Better Focus” 


Joshua's program was a big help to me- I recommend it to everyone! It helped me to gain better focus on where I should spend my time and energy, so that I could reach my goals faster.


All the best,


Tammy Powell

Let me give you full details on what you can expect after you register and get started on RISE! 


First things first… 


When you do the work and implement the system, you can expect results. 


I’m so confident that you’ll get a client that I’ve guaranteed it… You’ll get a client or the whole thing is free. It’s that simple. 


One of the reasons why I’m so confident that you can win is that my program gives you simple, but highly detailed step-by-step instructions. 


After all these years and working with thousands of writers and marketing directors, I know what works and what doesn’t. I give you a simple roadmap so you know what to do every day and every week. 


Let me show you… here’s a quick rundown of the different steps you’ll take


  • Step One: Seek a Clear Vision and Set Winning Routines

    • Define exactly what you want and need
    • Choose a fun and profitable niche
    • Set daily and weekly winning routines
  • Step Two: Writing Skills Mastery - The Perfect Article

    • The 6 Part Secret To Compelling Content
    • The Human Persuasion Model: Secrets to Selling Anything

    • Strategies for Writing Faster (More Money, Less Work!)
  • Step Three: Half the Work, Twice the Results

    • The Foundation of Your Inbound Marketing Systems
    • Maximize Your Time by Multiplying Your Content
    • How Your “Number One Ambassador” Brings You Clients
  • Step Four: Linkedin Secrets...Get Clients to Come to You!

    • How to Make Your Linkedin Profile Magnetic
    • Secrets to Being Seen as a Pro… Even as a Novice! 
    • Key to Personal Confidence and Profits as a Writer

And So Much More…

  • Step Five: Consistently Attract Your Ideal Prospect

  • Step Six: Writing Mastery… The Value-Offer Sequence

  • Step Seven: Use the “Client Roadmap” System to Command Top Dollars (Even As A New Writer!)

  • Step Eight: How to Prove You’re an Expert Writer

  • Step Nine: Follow Up Secrets - Part 1 (Every Penny You Make Is Because of This!)

  • Step Ten: Follow Up Secrets - Part 2

  • Step Eleven: The Discovery Call and Closing the Deal

  • Step Twelve: Endless Profits… Security and Growth in Any Economy

Each Step has 4-10 detailed training videos… including over the shoulder training where you watch me actually implement the training. 


I don’t just teach you this stuff, I show you exactly how to do it! 


Plus, I give you every form, template, script and tool you need to implement everything. 


If I ask you to write an article…. I give you the template for it. 


If I ask you to connect with someone on Linkedin… I give you the template for it.


If I ask you to follow up with someone… I give you the template for it. 


If I ask you to create an information packet… I give you the template for it. 


Dozens of tools and resources, all delivered to you strategically at each step so you don’t get overwhelmed, but have everything you need to win. 


Here are the full details of what you get…

Simple, Detailed, Step-by-Step Video Library - $2,697 Value

  • Over 87 training videos… 3min to 30min each. 

  • Training is focused “how to".

  • Over-the-shoulder training demonstrating exactly what to do.

  • Live, current examples of copy, websites, niche info, etc… updated regularly so you always have the latest stuff.

  • The entire program is delivered sequentially to prevent overwhelm and to guide you each step of the way.

  • A new module each week! You’ll get an email each week with instructions, insights and assignments.

Summary, Transcripts And Guidebooks - $197 Value

  • Compete, simplified summary of each video.

  • Full transcript for easy review.

  • Guidebooks with step-by-step instructions on each assignment.

  • Complete resources - templates, contracts, scripts outlines… everything needed to build an inbound marketing system.

Total Course Value...


Private Community Support - $467 Annual Value

  • Peer review of copy and assignments. Get feedback, critiques and insights from your peers.

  • Support and Q&A from Copywriter Marketer. Our team engages in this group to answer questions and give you feedback.

  • Regular Facebook live events, including group coaching with the CM team. Joshua regularly schedules live events inside the group to encourage, train and help you.

Total Course Value...


I hope you can see why this system works so well! The total value for everything I’m giving you so far is $3,361… which is FAR more than you’ll pay. 


In fact, as you’ll see in a minute, your investment is a fraction of that. 


But, I’m not done yet! I have a few bonuses for you. 


Remember, I promised you this program would be different because it focused on helping you create a lifestyle. I also promised to help you in 3 major categories: Writing, Marketing and Mindset. 


To deliver on that promise, I have 3 targeted bonuses for you… 

Bonus #1:
Endless Quality Client System

a $197 value


Detailed training on using Linkedin to get over 200 qualified leads in your niche in less than 3 hours for FREE!

Total Course Value...


Bonus #2:
Tools & Training Depot

a $497 value


This one of the most powerful things I could give you. This bonus includes: 

  • 7 Writing Mastery videos to help you master specific, targeted writing skills like headlines and storytelling. 

  • 14 Targeted Marketing videos that open your eyes to serious marketing secrets used by some of the best digital marketers and biggest companies in the world.

  • 15 Winning Mindset videos so you can keep your head in the game, experience more joy, and be way more productive.

  • Complete Toolbox! This is one of my prized gems. It has every script, contract, referral template, invoice, etc… that I use to make my writing business run. You’ll have all the logistical resources you need to build a strong six… or even seven figure… writing business. 

  • Over 100 Q&A’s. Over the years I’ve been asked thousands of questions about building a profitable writing business. In this resource I post the most common questions and my answers. It's a great resource if you can’t wait for a coaching call or an answer from the private group. 

Total Course Value...


Bonus #3:
Two Tickets to Persuade!

a $997 value


This is my premier training event. I do it twice a year so that my tribe has a consistent way to get the latest training on writing, marketing and mindset.  


Plus, there is nothing more powerful than submerging yourself for a few days with other ambitious writers. 


The focus is on mastering the art and science of persuasion. 


We talk about getting clients, making money, improving your writing skills, beefing up your marketing and inspiring you to greatness. 


You get TWO (YES! 2!) FREE tickets. You can gift the second ticket to another writer or bring a spouse, partner, friend or whoever!

Total Course Value...



No other course or program in the industry is this comprehensive, simple, detailed or results driven. 


No other program or course that I know of guarantees results… but I do! I am confident this will work for you if you apply it. 


So, what is your investment into all of this? 


I know great training can be super expensive.


Each year I spend between $20,000 and $75,000 on coaching, training and business systems! 


I know the value of it! 


I live a life of uncommon freedom, wealth and security. I have the joy of being in control of my life, my time and my money… no matter what pandemics and politics dump on us! 


My team told me I should charge at least $4,597 for this course. 


And, frankly, I believe it’s worth it. 


You could pay back the whole thing with just one or two projects. 


I’ve had projects pay me over $52,000. The first serious client I ever got was Corel and they paid me $6,800.


I can’t guarantee you a specific income, but a project like that would more than pay for this course. 

60% Discount + Exclusive Bonuses

Still, I know that times are tough and want to make this as affordable as possible. 


The list price for RISE! Is $2,997. 


But as part of my effort to help other writers like you during the pandemic and touch times, for a limited time, I will give you a 60% discount. 


Your investment for the entire course… plus the three bonuses is just $997. You can also do three monthly payments of just $350. 


To claim your $2,000 (60% discount!) price break, you need to act soon. When the countdown timer below goes to zero the price goes up and bonuses go away.


If you’re serious about being a freelance writer… and you want to make great money… and you love the idea of guaranteed results… then sign up today. 


This is your best option to make all that a reality. 

Here’s the full guarantee… ​

Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

Get A Client Or It's FREE Guarantee! Plus...

If you implement the full system within a 12 week period and don’t get a client we’ll give you a full refund… PLUS…  keep the full system and get a FREE one year CM Coaching Membership.


Send us an email documenting how you implemented the system and request your refund. We’ll send your money back ASAP and unlock your coaching membership. It's that simple.


Founder, Copywriter Marketer

People tell me I must be crazy to make such a bold promise.


I am crazy… but not because of this! The fact is I’m just confident in you! I believe you can win! I believe you can make a great living as a freelance writer. 


Plus, like I said, no one has ever taken me up on this so it's a pretty safe bet for me… and a great situation for you! 

I’m generous… but I’m also serious about working with writers who are serious. 


To build a real business takes a lot of time and work. 


This is not some kind of quick and easy system. Its a real business with massive potential and the possibility of an incredible lifestyle. 


If you’re not willing to dig in and do the work, don’t bother signing up. 


What if this is your Golden Ticket? 


What if your new writing business could give you the lifestyle of your dreams? 


What if you could build a business that was recession, pandemic and political proof?


What if your income could grow in any economy, like mine has?


I believe that everything happens for a reason. 


If you are reading this right now, you’ve invested a lot of time into thinking about being a profitable freelance writer… what if that is God, or the Universe, or Fate or whatever you want to call it telling you this is your time and this is your vehicle? 


I don’t know… all I know is that I acted and built my freelance writing business and it changed my life forever in lots of great ways. 


But it's not just me! I have now helped thousands of people - ambitious writers like you - launch their business and transform their lives. 


Listen to a few more of them and see what happened in their lives… ​

“I See Myself As A Copywriter Now”  


I'm not doubting... I'm excited about finding problems to solve for my clients!  I'm taking action... and the focus is not on my fears or inadequacies but on what can be accomplished.  It's not about me. ... I'm not my WHY.  And I didn't realize what I was doing until you pointed it out.  =)


I thank you for that.


Jennifer Booth

“The Harvest Has Come”


Just wanted to let you know...the harvest has come. I have more clients and inquiries than I can handle!! Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your system works if you work it...AND HAVE PATIENCE!!


Erika Lynn Campbell​

“Landed My First Client!” 




 I want to let you know that I landed my first client, a boutique web designer and Google Partner. I sent the assigned home page draft to him yesterday, and will receive a check Friday!


Thank you for helping me to be prepared for my new career as a B2B web copywriter!


Robin Borchelt

“One Year… $140,000”


In Joshua Boswell’s program, I formulated a plan for landing projects.  I really felt like I was making progress. I got specifics like a rate sheet, contracts and how to get hired. It gave me a lot of confidence. 


One year after I got my first paid copywriting project, I had made $140,000. What other opportunity do you have in 90 days to learn a skill and make six figures your first year doing it?


Jake Hoffberg​


I’m not promising you these exact results. Everyone is different. 


But I have hundreds and hundreds of testimonials like this. 


This is real. 


Freelance writing is the real deal. 


What if it can be the real deal for you? I believe it can.


And, just to sweeten the deal even more for you, I will give you one last bonus…

Surprise Bonus!
ACHIEVE! Reach Your Highest Potential

a $497 value


ACHIEVE! Reach Your Highest Potential is my latest personal growth course. 


I walk you through creating a complete personal growth course in three key areas of your life:  

  1. Relationships - The #1 reason people fail at any business is because of failed relationships… relationships with family members, business partners, customers, themselves and God. Find powerful and simple ways to create solid, vibrant relationships in your life. 

  2. Health - Your physical body is the vehicle of all your success. If your body is running at high energy and healthy, you can achieve so much more in your life. We create a plan to get you healthier and stronger than ever before. 

  3. Finances - Money is the key to enjoying your dreams. No money, no fun, right?! Most people have huge head trash and misconceptions around money. I help you clear that out so you can make great money and live your dreams. 

Total Course Value...


Plus, as with all my courses, I give you complete guidebooks, audios and resources to make the systems easy to understand and implement. 


With this FREE bonus, the total course value is now at $5,549… You get all of it for just $997 (or 3 easy payments of $350). 


But only if you act soon. Remember, this offer expires when the clock hits zero. 

It’s decision time… and I really want you to join me. 


Everything is ready for you! ​

  • Over 87 detailed training videos

  • Complete templates, tools and resources

  • A step-by-step roadmap to create an inbound marketing system

  • Help with writing skills, marketing systems, and a winning mindset

  • A support community full of enthusiasm, expertise and generosity

  • Over $4,577 in bonuses and gifts - including a complete personal growth program and two free tickets to my premier event, PERSUADE! 

  • Plus a 60% discount - that’s $2000! Off the full course

Times are scary right now… but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Crisis in one part of the world is opportunity in another. 


There has never been a better time to be a freelance writer. The world needs you! 


I’ll give you everything you need to win right now… plus a promise of results.


Let’s get started. 


Sign up today… because this offer expires soon.


We Respect Your Privacy & Information - 100% Safe & Secure Payments


YES! Give Me Instant Access!

Now is the time to boost my skills and use the secrets for landing great clients and thriving during this economic crisis.


You’ll get...

  • Over 87 detailed training videos

  • Complete templates, tools and resources

  • A support community full of enthusiasm, expertise and generosity

  • Live Coaching Archive

  • Step-by-Step Roadmap

  • Training to Choose a Fun and Profitable Niche 

  • Writing for Wealth

  • LinkedIn Magic

  • Implementation guidebooks for each step


Plus you'll receive:

  • Endless Quality Client System

  • Tools and Training Depot

  • Two FREE Tickets to Persuade!

Need Help?

Secure Order

256BIT – Encryption

I’ll see you inside the course. 


To Your Best Life, 


Joshua ​

“3 Clients… In Just Three Months”


Joshua's course has been instrumental in getting my copywriting business off the ground and running. I now have 3 clients and counting in just three months with more on the way. Thank you Joshua, you continue to inspire and motivate me to make my copywriting something I can be proud of.


Dr. Eric Buensuceso | Phoenix, Arizona

“Grateful for the Foundation - And Confidence” 


Tomorrow I meet with a client to review a proposal I provided back in June using your template from the course (with 3 project options, of course!) My information packet is at the ready. :) The timing is perfect as I am just wrapping up an 18 month assignment in my niche (that I landed through LinkedIn) and I would not have had any time to work on this project until now (but God works that way, doesn't he?) I'm grateful for the foundation - and confidence - your course has provided.


Wendy Ripmeester, MScF | Canada

“Over-the-top Phenomenal”




Thanks so much for the over-the-top phenomenal conference.


Through the years I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at continuing education conferences. Yet never before have I walked away feeling so empowered...and so equipped with practical, how-to take-home steps to make the hours and dollars spent multiply in value.


I must say, too, that while I have participated in many of the bigger courses by the "masters" of copywriting, none compare. Not only have I learned invaluable information from your course, but also I left with a refreshing sense that you are a man of integrity.


All too often those who climb to the pillars of success are laden with character traits that are less than appealing. It was a breath of fresh air to see a man of faith and family who did not have to sell his soul to the Devil to succeed. 


Thanks again,


Ruth Hoover, MD

“I'm Now A Full-time, Self-employed Sports Ghostwriter”


Hi Joshua,


I'm now a full-time, self-employed sports ghostwriter, focusing exclusively on ghostwriting books for pro athletes in the NFL/NBA space. It's so exciting, I love my clientele, and it's my calling and mission. 


I see you have continued to move forward in life with gusto! I just want to tell you that what you shared in your course made a significant impact on my life and business direction.


Michelle Hill

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